Bricks on their side?

I’ve seen a couple of houses with what looks like a few of the bricks have been turned sideways. At first I thought this might be a type of weep hole for the brick, but the bricks have mortar filling in the holes like it was a mistake.

Does anyone know why bricks would be on their side like this?

I was also looking at a new house under construction and saw a similar brick placement in one place only on the chimney.

Maybe its just sloppy mason work at the beginning of a sleepy monday.

001 8915 Bridgeview Circle.jpg

I wonder is there a step in the foundation and no room for a full brick.
A good bricky would have split the brick so the face all looked the same .
Roy Cooke sr

Looks like he was counting on the backfilling covering it up. The bricks are taller that way easier for him to deal with the step Roy mentioned.

Lazy butts.

I agree with backfilling covering in this one, but on a chimney they are ment to be vents for air to get in and may be tied into the heat circulation system for fresh air inlet. Old style heat exchanger system.

Since brick is modular and the face brick is in the range of 2/3" in height, I would imagine the the brick was used as a sloppy way of providing weep holes for the installation.
The picture indicates that the sideways installed brick is the same height as the running bond brick which would mean that it was cut to match that height and used for weeps. Not standard. Maybe they did not know of the plastice butt joint weeps or the plastic weeps installed in the butt joints.

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That is strange to put weep holes in one location only considering it is concrete block as opposed to poured concrete in my opinion.


If they are coverd by dirt they can/will weep the wrong direction.

Yes they will…

**The worms crawl in the worms crawl out the worms play pinochle on your snout!!:roll: :smiley: **

These bricks will be prone to spalling because the hole interior is not a finnished or fired face.

Whatever the case or reason for someone to do this type of masonry, could you guys/ladies make sure he does not come my way looking for a job. LOL

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Correction I have been informed that interior of holes are fired and have a facing.

On the other hand, it just occured to me this is a entry point for mice, et al.

How about this guy?

LOL. I guess that Mason doesn’t believe in air space and rain screen or moisture barriers and his talents match the carpenter that made the form work for the arch brick support or that was the mason too. ha. ha. Well maybe the OSB will swell up enough to push the brick down and he will get another try at it.

If you find out who he was, keep him down your way. ha. ha.

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I know exactly who he is and he is the one who made the arch out of wood.

And I would like to send him and the city codes guy who would not stop the crap the day I took the pictures somewhere real hot!

That is pretty funny, Carl, sometimes, no matter how you try to make things, right, it comes right back to the old sayting, you can’t fight City Hall. Ain’t that the truth??

As a Builder of Commercial Work, I have not met to many Code Enforcement Officers that had to much commen sense other than to read what was in black and white. And even at that, they don’t have a clue on how to interpet the Code to fit the situation at all times. I don’t believe they they know what the intent of the Code is, they only enforce what they can read and the rest is up to you to contradict or prove otherwise. That would be good if you could talk to someone with commen sense, but will not happen.
I would have done the same as you. At least we can make some waves and possibly open some eyes and make them think that someone is watching.

Take care.

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Weep holes I would think.