Bryant help

Can anyone out there in NACHI land help a brother out? I’m looking for the date.

BRYANT ser#3m2034 Mod#100393

It appears to be About 15 to 20 yrs, but I’m just guessing. Thanks in advance.-BR

Did you flip flop those ### ?

S/N 100393 should be March 2003.

A picture would help.

Hi Bart,

I can’t find the model 100-393 but that series of number stopped being used in the mid 1970’s, ther are quite a few similar models made upto 1975 all with the 100-XXX type numbers, so I would guess it at no later than 1975, what age was the home?



Thanks Gerry. I think the house was built late 60’s, but no one knew for sure. I am sure the unit was at least 20, but 30 some is possible as well. I’ll just write that it is over 20, and that will have to do. Thanks again for the quick response.-BR

Prestons to the rescue.
Thanks Gerry. None of the info I have goes back that far.

That appears to be a December 1963 unit.