Bryant Panel no Disconnect?

Ive been an inspector for 2 years and never encountered this before. I inspected a home today built in 1970 with a Bryant panel and no apparent disconnect. Nothimg outsode near the meter. But this weird wiring set up in the panel. The servicce conductors came into the panel and went to the bus bars and then there was conductors from the bars to this breaker. I dont see how this would cut the power to the panel. Any ideas or thoughts???

It looks like a split bus panel, no?

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Thanks… thats what i thought but should the 2 breakers have a tie bar between them?

Are you referring to the Orange handled ones?
It doens’t matter as each one feeds one side of the service bus, and each breaker on the lower bus are single pole, so doesn’t matter. A tie bar will have zero effect.
UNLESS… someone installs a double pole breaker on the lower bus!

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So the main split bus is two throws? That is odd.

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NEC Approved! Total panel shut-down in five (5) throws.

Question remains… Where is the Main Service Disconnect located??

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I’m counting that they used all 6.

There may not be one. 6 throws is good nuff.


I see what you are saying about a tie bar (as it wouldn’t shut down anything) but how does either of these breakers shut down power (6 throws or not)…it comes in through the service conductors into the bus bar then the bus bar is connected to two 60 amp breakers…wouldn’t the other breakers in the panel still have power whether or not the orange breakers were thrown? IDK i’m confused with this wiring type. Can anyone explain?

Where do you count 6??

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You’re right. I didn’t notice the bracket on the 30 amps connecting the 2 outside ones.


I have a split bus. The main shuts down half the panel. Then I have to go and do the other 4 breakers.

I think it’s a bit dangerous and misleading that the main is only half.


The breaker labeled Main is just the lighting and receptacles . The other breakers above the split are the balance of the disconnect means.

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Only to those that shouldn’t have their noses/fingers in there to begin with!

The general configuration is that the upper half is for the homes systems/mechanicals, (NOT homeowner intended), and the lower half, (lights/outlets), are for homeowner general needs.

If you explain the basic confirguration to your client, (also repeated in the report as they WILL forget or ignore), if/when the following event(s) occur:

  • Upper half trips: Do Not Reset- Call a service tech,
  • Lower half trips: Reset, unplug, and monitor- If trips again: Call an electrician.
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Thanks for all the replies guys! Very helpful.


In an emergency situation, the way my panel is labeled, a novice home owner might think main means main… Not just lighting. In fact, I improved the labeling and explained it to my other family members. I came to this conclusion by simply asking my daughter what she thought would happen if she shut off “main”.

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Bryant split bus service panel.
Caveot: Circuit breakers in this panel are over 40 years old which is the useful life of circuit breakers.

Better take a closer look at what you just did


Lifetime is a win for fuses… nothing to break…

Life expectancy.

How long does a fuse last? If the fuse does not operate then it will typically last 20 - 30 years as long as it is operating within its design limitations. If it is in a higher cyclic operating temperature i.e. very cold or very hot, then this can reduce its life.