No main disconnect

Today I found this no main disconnect on main panel box. What do you guys have to say about this.

elect. panel no main.jpg

Picture 015 (Small).jpg

A split bus. Six or less throws completely disconnects the service. No problem there.

Double tap upper left.

I don’t like the double pole breaker feeding off down to (what appears to be the same buss bar?

No main disconnect.

What is the multi strand aluminum looking wire right side of box?

Also, and I am guessing and going solely on the photo, but…
The middle left bridged breaker (60 amp) appears to have undersized wire for 60 amp breaker?

Agree with Jeff, six throw rule okay.
Agree with Ray, double tap upper left.

Middle breaker right hand side (40 or 50 amp) double pole tie to neutral appears a tad burnt…


I have always respected your posts and advice…but how do you come up with Six or Less here?

Those wires are aluminium branch wires. I recommend to have this evaluated by an electrician.


I assume they are the ground wires? I see copper going under terminal screws of breaker, were does the aluminum fit into the picture. Work with me, I am going by a photo, my eyes are dim I cannot see… :slight_smile: :wink:

A breaker at the lower-right of the upper bus, feeds the entire lower bus (one throw) - two double-pole breakers above that - and three double poles to the left side - six throws total.

It’s possible that the double tapped breaker is not tied together, but I can’t tell for sure.

Like I said…you da man! :slight_smile:

Right side upper middle and left side upper middle 60 amp douple throw

Jeff is correct!


hard to make out the left side of the panel from the photo.

Configuration is for 6 throws which is acceptable.

I am a retired sparky and do not get into code… period.
… my call would be!
Main panel (Immediate Further evaluation by qualified person.)
I think there is too many concerns to start and list them all.
It is wrong and must be fixed .

Roy Cooke .

Stranded AL is not a problem.


Personally I don’t understand the theory behind six throws or eight throws. The better method is to have a main shut-off.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in advising my client to upgrade this panel.

Too many trades to many codes and what purpose does it serve it is wrong and needs to be fixed .
CRA… Just one more way of avoiding a problem in court .
. (If the lawyer says to me why did you quote code on the stairs and not the furnace ).
I do not know all the codes and do not need to know all so I use none . Works for me and many other Inspectors I know.
Roy Cooke .

CRA… Cover Roy’s A$$ . CRA I think saves me many $$$$$$.
Write Hard talk soft and miss nothing.


Are Canadian Standards different than USA?

6 throws to disconnect power are acceptable.

Split Main Panels are widely in use in this area and are acceptable per Electrical Code (barring any other deficiency).

What is the justification of a recommendation for replacement of a Split Main Panel?

Yes many differences example neutral and grounds are never mixed . You can not go to a sub panel with three wire ( two hots and a neutral ) You must carry a ground. you can not have a second ground system at the out building . ( leads to strange Eddie currents)You need a main disconnect for the panel It can be a back fed breaker.
Our code is the same across Canada. .
I see you have different things from one area to another in the USA

Roy Cooke