Build A House

Hi…My name is Bob Elliott and NACHI member whom is involved with NACHI Chicago but till now have never posted on the national forum.
My apologies for that as after going through some of the threads I see a bunch of guys hungry to be in this business to make a living ,yet seem to have real enjoyment in furthering their knowledge.
Across the street from my home here in Chicago a guy in my neighborhood has started work on constructing a NEW HOME off of a tear down.
This is the perfect chance for every one here at Nachi the chance of a lifetime to learn everything there is to know about systems and components
This thread will change daily as new photos are posted for all of us to dissect and learn from.
Some of this will be done in real time so if you need a close up do not be surprised if I run across the street to do it for you.
Far as I can tell this has never been done before and am pumped up for this one.
Nick loves the idea so it is a go ahead,but the nature of this beast is up for discussion.
Any good ideas?
Checkout a look at the birth of this idea on my BOB ELLIOTT

Going to be fun!

Thanks Nick…Let the destruction begin tonight.THE TEAR DOWN
(see everyone later)

P>S Can we do something about the Gremlins as I am a member.(YEEESH)

wow, thanks Bob! This should be a great thread with lots of good info. I am sure everyone appreciates your efforts.

Very cool! Thank you for your efforts. :slight_smile:

I agree with you, this kind of training is good for members. I tore down a garage and breezeway Friday and am rebuilding a new breezeway with a 28x24 garage with a finished room above. It’s on a cape built in the early 1960s.

Part of the project is to upgrade the electrical service from 125 amp to 200, we are also pouring new footings, foundation, doing the frame to finish.

I am taking photo’s throughout the project to present later as a power point presentation at a chapter meeting later this summer after the project is finished. I have also offered any of my NACHI NH members an open invitation to come to the site and see first hand any of the phases of the project, even the inspections by the local building inspector.

This is what makes NACHI such a strong org. and I’m proud to be part of it.

Hi Peter nice to see what I have been missing.
I would look forward to that power point presentation myself as there is much to learn .
Forgive me for not joining sooner as I have spent the last year convincing myself binary code is not the number of the beast.
Did a live meeting with Carson Dunlop last month and found the technology for doing this sort of thing …to say the least absolutely amazing.
Maybe we can arrange something like that with the hoard of members on this
message board and break a world record or something.

Hi Bob, welcome to NACHI, I think what you and I are doing is going to be fun and interesting.

Maybe we should have a separate thread for construction projects, that way those of us who are also in the trades can post helpful pictures of our projects.

It would be helpful if you can tell us under what building, plumbing and other codes this house will be constructed…and what version of each code is being used.

I don’t believe Chicago uses the International Residential Code, but if it does, the version year would have a significant impact here.

The reason is that under the IRC 2003, there must a minimum fire separation distance from the property line of at least 3 feet. Under the 2006 version, this has increased to 5 feet.

What this would mean for this structure, is that the entire side of the new construction along at least the one existing house side would need to be built using 2 hour fire rated construction.;truck%20in%20back%20ground

What this means is that there could be no windows, no doors, nor any other penetrations along the wall common with the existing structure, and any walls or projections into the fire sepration distance would have to be built using non-combustible materials.

Otherwise the structure usually needs an internal sprinkler system.

Be interested in what you find.

And thanks for the effort.

Hi Bob, here’s my project, we are tearing down the existing breezeway and garage and rebuilding with a 12x12 breezway and a 28x24 garage with a finished room on the second floor, electrical upgrade is included, this is a interesting project because the key to installing the staircase from the breezeway to the second floor of the garage starts at the foundation. Everything has to be laid out just right so I can get the proper head room for the stairs, anyway I’ll post if anyone is interested.

I think that would be a great idea!

Hope you are making that opening tall enough for your new Hummer.
Make sure we get enough close ups to give you our special $10,000 NACHIcorp platininum group inspection.If you toss in an xtra $10.00 we will fax a copy to the president for editing.
Of course we throw in a NACHI binder to hold the report for free.
I will probably be continuing my little under taking tomorow as I worked today and need to revamp a few things as I jumped in before getting to know the limitations of the message board.My crazy artist brain is working on a better presentaion style maybe along PDF some how, since I need the large canvas for pics and comments.Tried a few things along HTML but I’m still in infancy.

Appreciate your kind comment Wendy and if that is your real picture,I appreciate it even more.
We have a Lady inspector at our local chapter and am glad to see she has company.
If you don’t mind me asking would you say people are more receptive to you or is it more of a disadvantage,due to your gender.

Interesting comments but maybe jumping ahead of real time.(forum time)
The contractor and developer are kind not to mention the neighbors.
It may be in best intrest to go members only to protect the innocent.

Bob, would you be offended if I posted picture’s on your thread?

I think this is a cool idea and helpful but I don’t want to interfere with what your doing.

PS maybe we can call it the east coast/Midwest build.

Or if you prefer the Midwest/east coast build.

Hi Pete if you go to members only you will find the begining of my photo education section.
I am making each photo a sperate post in order to allow members to comment on @ as they arrive.As for you the same could be done.
But why not give Nick a call so we could go run with your idea for a educational forum.
It is a very good idea and probably a strong support among the members for your great idea!