Build Fax Report

Any one use this add on service through Home Gauge? I see where the company behind this is now offering it to the general public for $9.99 so it hardly seem worth offering it as an up charge UPS as through HG it cost the inspector $5 per report.

I did a free trial and nothing came up on a home I had already checked out free on a city site, city site had records, Build Fax did not. That made me pause.

Good concept but not worth $10 as many of the major cities and suburbs around me offer this free.

Not a USP at all in my opinion, simply a cost.
If it was $2.00 I would sign up.

I agree if it was a minimal cost I might include it with my inspections but it would have to be very cheap. You can get as subscription for up to 150 reports for $75 a month. That would work well for a large multi inspector company or maybe a franchise. inspections. I guess its not really set up for the small home inspection companies.

I love my BuildFax service! :smiley:

150 reports for $48.75/month, $0.85 per additional report

**Anyone wants to check out a property, just send me the address anytime.
I’ll never go over the monthly 150.

Marc is correct, InterNACHI’s deal is the best:

Yea, it sure beats that one minute call to the building department!

BuildFax does offer up some teasers of a property for free through HomeGauge’s online appointment manager. It will show you before you buy how many permits and what kind. This info that is offered up for free can come in handy if there was no permits pulled and when you get to the inspection you see a newer addition. Or new plumbing but the permit “teaser” said no plumbing permits pulled.

I just went to their site and the quote was $19.99. I get it through HG for $5, and I will still be offering it for $19.99 the same as their website. Or maybe $14.99 to give the client a “deal”.

I agree with Frank.
Most buyers are not going to shop for this service and you are presenting it to them now. Now comes with a convenience upcharge that most people are glad to accept. I definitely pay extra for convenience most of the time.

I thought most guys were giving this away free?

Is it a USP if you charge?

I might of missed that and read it as $9.99 instead of $19.99. Which is better.

It is a good deal, but, it doesn’t add value as it misses permits that are readily available for free. It doesn’t appear to have APIs with all the municipalities and is unable keep up with system changes that are made at the local level.

I am all for paying for a service, especially when it saves me time. I have to know its going to be 100% reliable and unfortunately, as much as I wish it were, BuildFax it not there yet.

It’s around 95% accurate in my area.
You have a document/permit in hand.
Call them & ask them they’ll be truthful. 855-237-8711

I don’t consider it a USP. It’s an ancillary service.
A purple dragon is a USP.

BuildFax may not be there yet in your area. It really depends on the area, whether or not the records in the town is electronic or file cabinet and if Build fax has updated their database recently for your area.

Russel (thanks for the class Friday, I enjoyed it) - I agree, however, I am in the Tampa Bay area where each county and majority of cities have their permit info readily available online. Unfortunately, it’s hit/miss with BuildFax. I would much rather hit the BuildFax button and let it do the work, but as it is, it sometimes misses important information and I can’t afford to 100% rely on it at this time.