InterNACHI members get 35% discount on BuildFax.


I do permit check on all my inspections.

If they had lower fees for fewer reorts I’d bite right now but then again maybe I’ll try it out.

I like it.

Hi Paul, what do you normally use? Would love to try BuildFax when I’m ready to go but they don’t seem to offer their service to Canadians.


Hello David,

Around here I visit the property search page on most cities websites. Its not always available information and I’m guessing Buildfax cannot get what I cannot get.
Takes me a couple of minutes to check, if info is there I copy and paste to a Word doc or right into an email.

whats the discount code for us on buildfax

the link works if you click it on the benefits page here

Thanks Mike, I fixed the link:

whats the code? I already have an account and the link here just takes me to my account , but no discount code

You might have to create a new account from this page:

Does this promotion integrate with homegauge?