Free, full-blown versions of HomeGauge 4.1 reporting software.

WoW Nick, this beats a daily door prize! If I wasn’t a HIP junkie, I would defiantly do it

What a great offer. I would love to get rid of Reportplus and switch to HomeGauge.


We would love to have you using HomeGauge Greg! …and all who switch. Toll free support 877-274-4299

Do this if you can. I switched recently and couldn’t be happier. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I just get up and grab my laptop, and play around with the software until the morning inspection comes around. And then I’m even happier because I get to do a real inspection on the software.
Ok so I don’t do that, but get Homegauge everyone.

Just called NICK , he said he’d send me an e-mail as soon as he’s done lunch and we can go through the process . Can’t wait !!!
I’ve been wanting to switch to Home Gauge for a long time.:slight_smile:

Thank you Fred! I look forward to helping you any way I can with HG !


I just did the same thing, Fred! This is a HUGE benefit of being a member. Been waiting to “afford” Homegauge for a long time!

Congrats Fred on becoming a new user of HomeGauge compliments of Nick and INACHI. We will be contacting you soon. Please feel free to begin watching the tours and downloading the trial version now. Your license key coming soon.


Download full version

Thanks Nick!!!

Just left you a message

Did I mention you guys ROCK! NACHI ROCKS!

I wrote (in a previous posting) that this was the best $289 I spent on my business. I now believe that this is the best $289 I ever spent.

Suspiciously good offer. Just verified with Nick. Wow! I continue to be impressed with what $289 (membership dues) can do for a business.

I just jumped on board as well. Somethings seem to good to be true, but this is just one of many things which truly shows here that membership does have it’s advantages. I Look forward to using it.

Thanks NACHI***!!!** *

Thanks Nick! This is awesome. :smiley:

I called Nick Monday and got my copy coming. I can’t tell you how bowled over I am. I have bugged Robbie Newland and Gary Sloan to death about their decission to use home gage and I have wanted to make the investment ever since. Then this offer comes up and I called and emailed Nick and he called me right back. Thanks just does not say enough. Looking forward to using this program to up the ante. Kerry:)

Congrats Kerry! Feel free to “keep on bugging” :smiley:

You all love it the best software out there aas far as i am concerned. i have mine for 2 years , great support also

Just logged in to say “THANKYOU” to Nick and all at Nachi , and to Russell at home gauge.
I just received my access code and can hardly wait to get this thing rolling.
NACHI : THE BEST MOVE I EVER MADE !!! :):):slight_smile:

I downloaded mine…looks nice, although the application closes out when I click on the “select folder”…will call the toll free number this afternoon.
I just have to make sure the summary page conforms to state requirements…


Hi Jeff…Tommy at HG says he has been helping you…something to do with your computer. Let me know if it doesn’t get resolved.

HomeGauge has sent licenses out to all inspectors that Nick has sent me as of the date of this post. Check your email. If you did not receive your license email Nick and me and we will clear it up.

I must say that I thought Nick was going to re-sell these perhaps at a discount. When he decided to give them away I was very surprised. I don’t know of any association leader that would be so generous or considerate of its members the way Nick Gromicko is to InterNACHI.

…To the 100 new users of HomeGauge: Please call us anytime you need help. I invite you to take advantage of our HG Services during your 6 month trial period. Whether its a website, upload service with branding(have them come to your website to pick up the report), force payment before they can view report, online contract agreement (force signature before viewing) online calendar scheduler etc.

I promise it will make a difference in your company’s success. Call us the next time you do a report and we will walk you through the upload service.

Toll free 877-274-4299