builder of the year???


Very impressive : House built in 2010, something is missing in the attic, not sure what…main support beam is 9’’ , the joists are 12’’…what is wrong here???:shock:

How about some Insulation Did Two last year one new and one 5 years old with zero insulation … Roy
Added the 5 year old home had sold 4 times . I guess no one could afford to heat it .
The last purchaser was the only one to have a home Inspection .
This shows how important home Inspectors are in all house sales … Roy

Seems to be a distinct lack of any structural connection between the joists and the beams. Unless they are using that Transparent Aluminum that Scotty invented in one of the Star-Trek Films.

The truss system is supported at the top cord only. The bottom hangs free. Should the end be supported or in hangers on the laminated beam?:roll:
Marcel had similar photos only metal truss work for galvanized decking with the bottom hanging.
No insulation.

Correct. Those floor joist are top bearing only, the bottom is just a tail joist extension remaining free. Sometime this type requires lateral bracing bridging within the webs. Depends on the Manufacturers installation requirement.:slight_smile:

Understand the function.
Rigidity is lost. Torsion, live load.
Would it not make more sense to at least fasten the ends in place?

Does that mean the size of beam is acceptable in this installation?

Good question…and, it is hard to know without seeing the print specifications compared to what is installed.

It might be and might not, all depends on the load it is carrying and the span between the support columns, and the joist span. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel. Basically what I’m thinking. Not enough info from photos and original post.

Exactly Chris. :slight_smile:

Engineered laminated beam. Only the architect and or engineer can evaluate on beams live and dead load ratings.