Floor joists to main beam with possible ICF

PHOTO_20190716_153829 Hey guys and gals this is a first for me. The home had what looked somewhat like insulated concrete forms. I haven’t even come across a foundation like this in Jersey but my issue was not with the foundation but with the floor joists and their attachment to the main beam. The joists were resting on hangers that were about 1/2 the depth of the joists they were supporting for one. The other thing that stuck out to me is how the joist hangers weren’t even attached to the main beam. They were attached to a ledge board that was lag bolted into the main beam. I know older homes have the small ledger with nails and it can at times pull away but I have never observed this in a newer home. The house was only 28 years old and there were no readily visible signs of settlement or structural instability but this is just something I have never seen before. Have any of you guys observed anything like this? Is this something I should be recommending an engineer evaluate further or is this some typical style of build I just haven’t seen before? Thanks for the help!! Feel free to bust me up if this is a stupid question I’m not sensitive lol

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Precast concrete foundation system manufactured by Superior Walls. Your photo shows the older style with wood nailers. The new system has metal nailers. Did a few jobs with that foundation system. The best foundation system around in my opinion.

Here’s a great video

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Thank you very much!! Stephen!

The hangers are undersized/inadequate.

Was the ledger board attached to the main beam adequately? Hard to say why they did it that way and didn’t just hang the floor joists on the glue lamb. Hangers are undersized, although it’s probable it was signed off by building inspector at time of construction.