TJI support

Need opinions on this TJI support in the brand new home.

Cut joist2 (Small).JPG

Cut joist2 (Small).JPG

Cut joist (Small).JPG

Cut joist2 (Small).JPG

Beam support (Small).JPG

Cut joist3 (Small).JPG

Cut joist1 (Small).JPG

Not conventional but it will work.As long as it was nailed to the support I really don’t see an issue.

Why is the beam even there when it looks like the joists are clear span? Just for this one joist?

Thanks Greg. Is nailing alone sufficient? Don’t they need some kind of bracket there?

If you look closely the hole for the waste stack initially was made outside of the TJI. Then on some reason the stack was moved right where the joist was, and for this purpose they cut the joist. It is my understanding that because of this they made this type of support since there are two floors above.

Another nice coordinated builders attempt at building.

At least they did not cut the gluelam to the right and decided to mickey mouse the metal vent around, down and up. Whatever it is serving. :):mrgreen:

This is the heating duct, Marcel. But what is your opinion regarding the TJI support?

Unprofessional, but works. :slight_smile:

Is nailing alone sufficient or do they need some sort of bracket?

Nailing is sufficient, but I don’t see too many.

Where do you want it to go, the flooring system and the box sill won’t let it go anywheres except down for what ever weight is on it. Which is not much. :slight_smile:

Agreed Marcel. Unconventional but it will work. No hangers or braces are required as there is only down force. Unless some one builds a swing on it!!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

It might “work” but it’s not right. It’s a hack job. There is nothing there to prevent joist rotation or point load collapse or compression on the end of those TJI’s.

There should have been headers installed with filler blocks and backer blocks at the cuts at either side of that soil pipe. The ends of those cut joists should have been suspended from the headers with hangers and with web stiffeners installed.

Just Google or Bing Truss Joists Floor Installation Instructions and you’ll find lots of workbooks. Just about every manufacturer’s workbook is identical to the one published on the engineered lumber association website. Here’s one specifier’s guide for one brand. Look at detail H2 on pages 6 & 7.

Mike O’Handley
Kenmore, Washington

Yuri, did the city inspector sign off on this? was there a letter given to the home builder by an engineer for the proper repair. I know this my be digging a little deeper than your typical home inspection.

Mike, I think all know that it is wrong, all we are saying is that it will not collapes.
Everything about it is wrong. :):wink:

I discovered this TJI during a PDI inspection for my client. I asked the builder’s representative if this repair was stamped by structural engineer? She answered that the city inspector saw this and did not say anything. I alerted my client for the need to obtain a documentation from the builder regarding this repair. This is as much as I can do as a home inspector.

I agree Yuri, but getting the information is vital. If they think its NOT, wait until they go to sell it. Another guy will come in and say to obtain documention or obtain a structural engineer to evalaute. It will be MUCH easier to ALREADY have the documention. Once the builder is gone, its SEE YA LATER…