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Greetings NACHI!

I'm here to help answer any questions regarding BuildFax, and to field suggestions as we roll out this service.

So that everyone has a better idea of how this works...

- We launch BuildFax market by market. To prioritize what markets we implement next, we need NACHI members to tell us where they are located so that we can work to serve this group. I'll post a new thread for everyone to log on and tell us where you operate.

- BuildFax reports tell you everything the Building Department has in their database about a particular property---many homes were built prior to the jurisdiction tracking permits in their databases. If you pull a report and don't find any permits, but you notice a new addition on the back of the house, then this is a warning sign to look a little closer at this structure...without a permit, the addition was likely never inspected for safety or model building code compliance by the City's building official. In cases like these, it's what you don't find on the BuildFax report that is most important.

- BuildFax is implementing an area of the website dedicated to NACHI members and should be ready by the end of the month. This will allow any NACHI member to track their usage and save reports.

- Running a BuildFax report is as easy as entering the address of the property on the home page. Altogether, you're looking at 30-60 seconds to run the report. Running these reports prior to making your inspections is the easiest, fastest, and most economical way to determine its construction history, and to add a new level of service to your clients.

To see a sample report, go to: and

I'll be checking back regularly so please post your questions.