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Has anyone had a recent experience with Buildfax? Considering trying… but concerned their data bases are still lacking…

I was also Michelle at one point. I held off for that very reason. Besides I’m finding more municipalities are putting their information online. Especially in my neck of the woods. And the few that haven’t done so yet, I just call or fax them a request.


we have a variety here… some online, some call, some fax… I was thinking it would be nice to look info up online (at all hours of the day as I am often working past 6)… rather than having to call or fax during business hours… hard to justify the expense if they don’t have all the info I need… perhaps I should wait a while longer…

I hear you. I’m based in homestead and one of the toughest to deal with is homestead. They actually want $75.00 for a print out and thats even for walkins. I think that truly adds to the meaning of gouging if you ask me.


that’s crazy! How do you get any permit data for wind mits from them then? Just tell the homeowner to provide it?

Hey guys, I used them last year and found that only half of the properties I search were in their data base.
It was nice when it worked as I was able to determine if the work had been permitted or not. Most often (when the house was in their data base) it gave me a confirmation that whatever work was done in the house was accomplished by a non professional.
It helped in on instance when the buyers wanted to know who the builder was to get a set of plans for remod. purposes on a 8 year old house.
I didn’t renew with them because I thought the price was a little high for not enough results in their data base and only a couple times were the buyers really interested in having that type of report.
PM me if you have any questions or want to see what a report looks like.

Thanks Will!


Who is the listed owner of the company? Email me if you have that info.


Post it here please. I am also curious.

They have lost their freaking mind. Homestead homeowners need to unite ad sue their asses. Please tell me you do not eat that? Do they have to go there to to get it?

I tried them because they contacted me but it was quite a while ago and it was almost useless.

The way I look at it is if they can get it then so can we.

I myself just “verify” what the client provides. but I do give them tips, tricks and ideas on how to do it or for an additional fee I will try to get it for them but do not guarantee anything will be found.

I actually had a guy pay me for the service and I contacted the appropriate place and they told me they could not find it. I asked who I should contact and they said them I asked what could be done now that they have admitted that they do not have any info and they said they had no idea but did say they lost it. The client was totally screwed and there was nothing that could be done. I am sure glad I did not guarantee I could get it.

For the record Most clients choose to get the info themselves because it is normally pretty easy. I even tell them that if they cannot find the info I likely cannot either. Only exception is when they have to go to the bldg and search microfiche which I never do. I would for a fee but it would likely be about $100 per hour and minimum payment of $100. I would need to be paid in advanced before even going.

When it comes to the City of Homestead, I advise my clients of this from the very beginning.They may choose to retrieve the information themselves or if they like, I can do it for the additional fee. They usually go it alone. It’s truly tough to justify the extra $75.00 for a print out of the roof and/or electrical history of the property.