Building Permits. Please proof this new inspection article.

I have inspected additions and garages so horribly built that I told my clients that I would not inspect them and that they should get a contractor to evaluate them.

Looks good Nick.

The article references a permit required for:

“structural additions”. That could better be stated “additions or repairs”. In my area, any structural work, including the addition of just one pier requires a permit. So would the repair of even one floor joist or band sill.

“installation of a new roof”. In my area, a permit isn’t required for a re-roof unless the structure itself is modified in some way.

“adding or relocating electrical outlets” could better be stated “any electrical work”.

In my area, permits for plumbing jobs are not required unless the value of the job exceeds $500.

Rules vary by jurisdiction. So good luck trying to cover it all. :smiley:

It says, “Before purchasing a commercial property, check if any additions or alterations to the property were made after the original construction.” Wouldn’t that apply to ANY property?