Bunched grounds

It seems that they ran out of room on the Buss and bunched up the grounds at this (GEC) attachment point. Is this acceptable?

Thank you, please correct my terminology if I got it wrong

I meant to say bundled grounds.

Panel is bonded and the lug used seems to be large enough for these grounds (6?). I would recommend repair of double lugged neutrals and evaluation of grounds by a qualified electrician.

A agree with what dhawley says, but I think I am more bothered by the bundled grounds than he is. Most breaker panel specs limit the number of grounds allowed under a single lug to 2. If a ground wire is not solidly connected to the main grounding conductor, it could fail to perform adequately. Bundling them this way does not appear to me to be an adequate method.

D, could you tell me where you are seeing the panel being bonded?

That terminal is not listed for more than one EGC so it’s a violation and should be corrected.

If I was to have done that I would have twisted them all together.

Me too, and it would probably be just fine that way (even though it’s a violation). :wink:

Thank you all for your help!

Bonding strap on the right side neutral bus bar… right by the upper right white wire on the 20 amp breaker

Yup, right there mounted to the can with a green screw. :cool:


I hadn’t considered one wire, I was thinking twisted cable. Of coarse the proper installation would have been an additional ground bar. Good catch.

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I see it now. Thanks!