I hate it when you sparkies do this. . .

:smiley: I knew you couldn’t resist :smiley:

New Construction - In an otherwise nice panel, the grounding conductors were all twisted together and attached under a single lug at the bus bar.




YES! That is truly annoying.

I don’t mind multiple wires under one screw, but the twisting is evil. :twisted:

Jeff I have to agree. I worked with one electrician, two houses were wired at the same time. I routed all the grounds to terminal screws, and couldn’t figure why the other guy was done so quick. He grabbed like 15 grounds and tossed it under an add on large neutral lug.

Both panels inspected ‘sat’. Go figure.


I couldn’t get a clear picture of the right-side bus bar, but the 20-or-so egc’s for the branch circuits (pic #3), were done the same way. Like a large multi-strand conductor #-o

I LIKE this guy! …> #-o

Yes, indeed. I curse the twisters, too. Provided the bar is rated for multiple conductors under one screw, fine. I do that myself with grounds. Twisting is just, well… not nice to the next guy. Now then, the reference to all the grounds under one fat lug has always been wrong. I’m somewhat surprised to learn that it’s still happening in this day and age. Shame on that guy and his inspector.

The HVAC guy followed suit nicely.