Bundled neutrals on main lug

Came across this today and not sure how to comment. These neutral bundles can be traced back to the neutral bus bar at the panel outside where the first means of disconnect is located. As this is a current carrying conductor the bundle should be a concern, correct?

That looks like copper SE cable which has the neutral conductor wrapped around the ungrounded conductors. Typically at the time of installation the strands are twisted together and terminated in a lug or the suitable sized hole in the neutral bar. Splitting the strands and terminating them in separate hole of the neutral bar is not permitted. This was done nicely in the left panel of photo 1. Also there appears to be no bushing or bonding locknut on the service raceway between the disco and the meter.

These panels have numerous problems with the grounding and bonding. I would simply write it up as being in need of the attention of an electrical contractor due to grounding and bonding issues.

It is obvious that it is an old install as can be seen by the type of cables used.

That is not multiple conductors. It is one stranded conductor.

Is this the first time you have seen SE type cables?

Yes this is the first time I have seen this. I did defer due to other issues in the panel, however I was unsure how to report the split neutrals or if I it needed to be reported.
Thanks for the input.