Bundled neutrals

Is it OK to bundle neutrals in a remote panel?
This one has me stumped because of the main breaker. This panel is located within the same structure so if it’s a sub panel why the main breaker.

I should add this is a 600 amp service with 2, 200 amp panels, 1, 100 amp and three remote panels. The other two remote panels also had mains but the neutrals were separated on a bus bar.

Gilmore 081 (Small).JPG

Gilmore 080 (Small).JPG

The reason you see a main breaker in those remote panel boards is simply by choice. In many areas the main breaker panels are cheaper or at equal cost as a MLO panel. As long as they maintain the isolated grounded (neutral) conductors as you describe then no foul.

Now their may be other reasons for the main breaker but above is the basics . Not sure I understand the title…bundled neutrals but I believe I covered what you are asking. If not let me know and I shall elaborate.

PS. I can’t see the images for some reason when using the Android App …I am on the road traveling so I can’t comment on the photos. I do know the NACHI android App needs tweaking however…

Thanks Paul, By bundle I mean all of the neutrals are bundled together with electrical tape and not terminated individually on a bus bar.

That’s one way to isolate them :wink:

It makes no difference whether its a sub panel or a service panel, the “bundled” neutrals are improper.

This is beyond hack… No way an electrician, or anyone qualified enough did that work.
Terminating neutrals like that is against both the code and all acceptable trade practices.
I would call it out, hands down.

Did he pigtail bundle the main Neutral coming into the panel with all the individual neutrals from each circuit? Maybe he did this cause both bus bars are bonded to the enclosure and needed to ‘float’ the neutrals. Hard to see bus bars in fotos. Thats insane !

All individual circuits. Never saw anyone do anything like this, had me scratching my head.

It looks like the feeder is coming in from bottom of panel , if so , it looks like the neutral just bypasses the buss bar and pigtails with rest of neutrals. Too dark to clarify from here. Is that the feeder? And does it attach to bus bar at all?

Code reference please.

Keep in mind we are within a panelboard enclosure and shades of 310.15(B)(2) Ex. tingle in my uneducated head…:wink:

Edited: I see way more issues in those images than what is being asked in terms of the wrapped neutrals. I would question whats really under that TAPE, why it is BLACK on white conductors and to correct that…but Ii am more curious about the “bundled” of neutrals concern within an enclosure.

So are you saying they are spliced ( I cant see the images very well where I am today) so are they splicing the neutrals in the panel and taking a single conductor to a buss bar…if thats the case it is a violation due to each grounded (neutral) conductor requiring individual termination.

So easier to ask the question…can you splice grounded conductors in a panelboard enclosure (Yes), can you have spliced in a panelboard enclosure (Yes) can I splice all my grounded conductors (Neutrals) to a single pigtail to a grounded terminal buss…(NO)…

Not sure if that helps…but thats all I got for ya right now as I have to get back to class.

That’s where I was going. I don’t see where 310.15(B)(2) applies. 'Splain please :smiley:

Thanks Paul, it was pigtailed

LOL…said it was tingling in my head…not everyone’s head. I was thinking he was concerned in regards to “bundling” multiple grounded (neutrals) together…though he may be looking for a “bundling” concern…just I don’t always read all posts (I don’t have time for it…lol…sorry)…sorry I wanted to know if that was part of the concern concern as well…guess not…:)…Best I can splain…:slight_smile:

So the title should have been “pigtailing” neutrals …lol…bundling can mean a few different things…lol

Imagine the time and effort placed into that idiotic solution
could have screwed a terminal Bar in there and been done
in a fraction of the time and effort.

Dohhhh stoopid wins again…