Sub panel neutrals connected to main distribution panel?

Ran into an unusual situation today. Primary panel on left. Remote panel on right. The equipment grounding (EG) conductors were on the neutral bus and no bonding jumper. No bonding jumper is correct but there should be a separate termination bar for the EG. Now what was unusual is the two branch circuit neutrals (coming out the top of the box) were terminated in the primary distribution panel on an individual lug (top two neutral conductors).

Any thoughts?

The NEC prohibits that practice. Section 300-3 (b) states that ’ “All conductors of the same circuit, the grounded conductor and all equipment grounding conductors shall be contained within the same raceway, cable tray, trench, cable, or cord.” That means picking up a neutral from another panel is illegal.

The EGC’s in the sub-panel should be on a separated EGC bus not the neutral bus. The neutrals should terminate within the sub-panel. The sub-panel is grounded through the metallic offset nipple containing the feeder conductors.

That’s what I thought, just wanted confirmation. Thanks!

Am I seeing this correct? It looks like from the 2 pics the white (neutral) wires for the remote distribution (sub) panel are connected in the main panel:shock:

That is correct. Also, if you look closely, there are some hot conductors that were moved from the main panel to the remote panel breakers and the neutrals remain in the main panel.