Sub Panel Questions

Good Morning,
Have a question about bonding and neutral/ground connection on same bus bar in sub panel.
Appears panel has 2 bonding screws, but from my understanding subs shouldn’t be bonded?
Also, neutrals and grounds on same bus, I thought that wasn’t allowed in Sub they should be on seperate bus?
See attached pictures. Thanks for review and feed


If indeed a remote panel, the neutrals have to be separated from the grounds and should be on separate bus bars.

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Yes, I agree with Simon, if indeed a remote distribution cabinet.

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Thanks. Yes in a detached garage away from main dwelling and Main panel.

Is the garage older than 2008? Does it have any metallic connections from house to garage and is there a GES at the garage?

The garage was built in the 80s, but the sub appears to be a newer installation.

Wow you guys find some real shoddy work. This could not have been installed by a licensed electrician.