Bundled wiring

Need help. I did an inspection yesterday, the electric panel was 200 amp and full. All of the incoming wires were bundled together and entered the panel through one hole at the bottom of the panel. Would the bundle be considered to be overcrowding of the wires? Is there a heat build up concern? I have not seen this set up before. Sorry no picture. Thanks for your help. Stan

Hi Stan,

Posting some pics would greatly help us to help you.

Let us know if you need help with that.

unfortunately there have been areas where this was allowed until they they realized the errors of their ways Jefferson County Missouri allowed this till about 5 or so years ago

For those Code Freaks…it would be a violation of 312.5 ©

The sparky who did my house, bundled the wires along the beam with cable ties. Each was separated before going into the panel.
According to the ESA inspector, since the loads were cyclical, he would allow the bundling along the beam. BUT, going into the panel, they have to be separate.

lol…Hope he stays a ESA inspector…lol…and does not become an electrical inspector.:mrgreen: