Bundling wires at panel

What is the rule for this? Is it only three wires per cutout through the top of the panel? I know this is wrong but do not know what the exact requirement is.


Try 312.5©. Cables to be secured to enclosure.

Is that NEC cause 06 IRC does not have a 312.5(C)


Yes, that is NFPA 70 or the NEC.

in addition to 312.5© of the NEC , Mr. Port is 100% correct but I figured it would be an EXCELLENT time to show the exception to that requirement as well…just in case you guys ran into this situation regarding a surface mount application like the one above. ( This exception does not apply to the picture shown…)

Exception: Cables with entirely nonmetallic sheaths shall
be permitted to enter the top of a surface-mounted enclosure
through one or more nonflexible raceways not less
than 450 mm (18 in.) and not more than 3.0 m (10 ft) in
length, provided all of the following conditions are met:

(a) Each cable is fastened within 300 mm (12 in.),
measured along the sheath, of the outer end of the raceway.

(b) The raceway extends directly above the enclosure
and does not penetrate a structural ceiling.

© A fitting is provided on each end of the raceway to
protect the cable(s) from abrasion and the fittings remain
accessible after installation.

(d) The raceway is sealed or plugged at the outer end
using approved means so as to prevent access to the enclosure
through the raceway.

(e) The cable sheath is continuous through the raceway
and extends into the enclosure beyond the fitting not
*less than 6 mm (*1.4 in.).

(f) The raceway is fastened at its outer end and at
other points in accordance with the applicable article.

(g) Where installed as conduit or tubing, the allowable
cable fill does not exceed that permitted for complete conduit
or tubing systems by Table 1 of Chapter 9 of this Code
and all applicable notes thereto.

AGAIN…this does not apply here in your picture BUT good information to remember when you are doing those HI inspections on a panel in an unfinished basement and so on.