Burnt roof trusses/ framing.

Inspection an older home, the attic was partially finished but areas of the attic exposed the underlying Burnt wood framing. It was evident there was a reasonably sized fire in the attic but there was no disclaimer about it nor any record of it. The some of the wood that I could see was pretty bad. This is about one of the wildest things I have experienced yet. Evan the 80 year old neighbor that lived there for 50 years said he never seen a firetruck ever pull up to the house. [ATTACH][ATTACH]


See them in older homes here as well and nobody knows about it. :roll:

We found many Reported what saw and moved on . Only one that I know of who did not buy the home .

Just for future reference Joshua, those are not trusses but instead rafters.

There is a difference.

If you think structural integrity has been compromised (Think heavy snow load) recommend an SE for further evaluation and repairs as needed if needed.

He should anyway, especially if there’s no “known” information/records.

probe the charred remains and if any have less than 80% of integrity (easily probed though material) than its a problem and members should be reinforced/ sistered