burnt wire

this ia a picture of a wire in the box near the air condition outside that was
burnt .it happen about 2yrs ago a fuse blew but never replaced the wire . the unit has been fine ever since but i am concerned that i never replaced the wire . since its been fine and all should i still call a lic. electrician to repair it and is this a hazard now.



That wire needs to be replaced…Make sure your “Electrician” checks the fuse sizes as it pertains to the outside unit…one of the things that cause issues like this :

1.) Undersized Conductors
2.) Oversized Overcurrent Protection Devices ( this case fuses )

Is it a hazard…could be…Sad thing is no one thought about the LEVY in New Orleans until it BROKE…same in this case…

Simply FIX for the electrician would be ( after ensuring the conductor is the right size ) to cut it back, splice on a new pigtail and re-connect…

If the wire is the right size…don’t let them talk you into running new wires…they can see the condition of the wires if the cut back about 1-2 inches ahead of the burnt area…

Another concern is I can’t see the conduit from the bottom…if this is for the outside unit…it needs an equipment grounding conductor…depending on the conduit style being used…

I suggest if be evaluated…:slight_smile:

Added: I have to admit…I dont see an EGC coming into the unit to begin with…lol…old 2 wire no ground…oh those were the days…:slight_smile:


When I got into the heating business in the 60’s we were taught in the industry that two legs of 120v each did not require a “ground” in order to operate.
Of couse, it would operate, but we did not realize the inherent dangers we were creating.

You’ll notice the word “ground” is in " - " marks–we thought that the white wire was the ground wire. (I didn’t know what that green or bare thing was for.) We’ve learned a couple of things since then, fortunately.

There are probably many such installations still in use around the country today, but I’m hopeful the industry is correcting them as they find them.
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I hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

Equipment Grounding Conductor…it does not need the GROUND to function but it sure would be helpful to clear any fault…lol

Not GROUNDED conductor fella…yeah them OLD schools taught FUZZY MATH…lol…Equipment Grounding Conductor…lol…but as stated you just dont see them in older wiring…but in NEW wiring it better have a EGC…and has NOTHING to do with the function…lol…

EGC- The conductor used to connect the non-current carrying metal parts of equipment, raceways, and other enclosures to the systems grounded conductor, the grounding electrode conductor, or both, at the service equipment or at the source of the separately derived system.

That conduit looks like solid metal to me.

The burnt wire is likely from a loose connection at the terminal lug. The heat produced there, likely blew the fuse.

OR…they can GO over to www.DoItYourself.com and I am sure one of us MODS will tell you how to FIX it…lol…sigh…and PRAY no one gets harmed because they FORGOT to turn off the JUICE…:slight_smile:

Hi guys
Hey i appreciate your feedback guys ,thanks . You guys guys really know your stuff . I told my friend who is buying a house to make sure he gets a home inspection. it is the best money he will spend and will fill good about it . You guys are great , thanks


Thanks Paul /inspectors
I think I will cut back and pigtail . As you can see from the pic. I the two legs are a turq color
wire ,looks like #10 or #8 ( not really sure ) one to each fuse and there is the the black and white which go to the main panel. If I feel uncomfortable I will call a electrician . I just dont have the money to pay that at the moment, know what i mean. Can i buy this wire at a hardware store ? As long as it is the same size wire colr shouldn’t matter right. Thanks

There should be plenty of wire in the unit to pull through to the panel to make the repair. If not, pull a new wire.

HVAC is a power hog with high inductive amperage spikes at start-up. An improper splice may be worse than what you have now.


Your MOST welcome…JUST make sure your PIGTAIL is the SAME size wire as the wiring you are PIGTAILING onto…:slight_smile:

And as for your FRIEND…REFER NACHI Inspectors…They RULE !

Thanks again for the help