Bus bar discolored

I’ve read through past topics with this similar concern and im not finding a conclusive answer so I’m posting here. Siemens sub panel one bus bar had significant discoloration. Is this from possible over heating? Thanks for any help with this.

Given that it’s at the end of the bar I would say that it didn’t overheat but it’s hard to tell from a photo. Is there any other indication of overheating like damage conductor insulation?

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No nothing else anywhere that I saw.

Some more photos Robert. Thanks for your help

Kind a looks an loose connection to the bus bar with a overloaded breaker.

Given that the discoloration is consistent for the entire visible length of the bus IMO it was not caused by heat but rather by something to do with the metal itself. In order for the heat to travel all the way to the end of the bus it would need to be significant and therefore there should be some other visible damage from a large amount of heat being generated. To know for sure you would need to remove the circuit breakers and check the entire bus.


From here in Ohio it looks as if the zinc plating is discolored. Probably was like that when installed.