Bus bar removed & relocated

Can the bus bar be removed and relocated within the main panel? There are other issues which you will notice, but I’m curios about relocating the bus bar.

:shock: why prey tell?

That is a ground bar. There should not be any any neutrals on on the bottom bar.

Upon a closer look, those screw look wrong and that also does not look like the factory location for a ground bar.

I am attaching a better image. The bar appears to have been removed from the upper right, just under where the bond screw should be, and moved to the bottom of the panel. No clue why someone would do that, but here it is. What is the detrimental effect of this installation?

Either way I am reporting it for further evaluation since this panel and the RDP are both done incorrectly with multiple violations.

Looks like someone’s effort to separate the neutrals and grounds.