Secondary Panel

Does anyone see anything wrong with this aka sub-panel ? Neutrals and grounds on the same bus bar ? Bonded to enclosure ?

NorthElm-Barberry 105.JPG

NorthElm-Barberry 102.JPG

NorthElm-Barberry 101.JPG


I don’t see a panel bond, but the grounds are on the wrong bar.

The top left breaker looks loose or maybe wrong brand.

Bus bar is bonded to enclosure (see in last picture) I always get confused with this stuff sometimes

There’s a green screw and bonding strap. It took me a while to find it.

That screw should be removed ?

The strap need to be removed and a ground bar added. The grounds then move to the new bar.

Non compliant breaker in the box

I guess so.

Ummm…anyone notice the ground is not using all the strands in that Compact conductor…effectively not using the full conductor correctly.

Edit: My Bad…Old Age and Roberts Keen Eye…lol

That’s actually the EGC. :wink:

True Dat…Thanks for keeping me honest Robert…lol

BUT…the way this panel is installed as it sits…I AM technically also right if we call it a “Grounded” conductor…no separation…:wink: