Bush Bails out troubled homeowners

It looks like the feds are going to help out all of these people that couldn’t protect themselves.


A link for a petition if you are against this.


One should always look out for helpul politicians because their only source of funding the help they offer is someone else’s pocket. :frowning:

I imagine the President will somehow get crucified for this as well?

When did it become the government’s job to save the populus from their own bad decisions?
George B. is too compassionate with our money on this one.
The market was already tightening credit and solving the problem on their own. The lenders stupidly took the risk and are correcting the problem on their own.
Now if we could just get our “helpful” governmment to stay out of it.:roll:

I don’t know about that, but I do expect that real soon he will appear at some contrived media event (dressed not in a flight jacket but a three-piece bankers suit) filmed in front of Fannie-Mae where he prematurely declares financial victory over the evil-doer mortgage banks. Stay the course. :smiley:

Any time the goverment wnats to help. I want run

why waste the wood?

Looks like Shumer, Kennedy, Clinton, Kerry, and the gang wrapping him up. Of course if they get rid of him what would they complain about. Or better yet would they finally have to come up with solutions?


Probably started with the creation of FEMA.

Deffinately worth repeating

The money men wanted to get a piece of the them burgeoning housing market and developed “Funny money” mortgages to take advantage of it, now there crying to government about their poor lending policies.



So you think it’s the “little people” that will benefit from this government largess, Think Again:frowning:

"Who will reap the billions of dollars in benefits if U.S. taxpayers subsidize the risk on all those rapidly deteriorating mortgage-backed securities? Yup, these same millionaires and billionaires, like Robert Toll or* Countrywide Financial (NYSE: CFC) CEO Angelo Mozilo, who dumped tens, even * hundreds of millions of dollars worth of stock just ahead of the inferno, while they were still pouring kerosene on the kindlin "

Every time I hear a politician use the words compassion, needy, poorest Americans, et al, I also hear my checkbook start to whimper in the desk drawer. :freaked-: :freaked-: :ack: -X :-({|=


Tax Payers Against a Wall Street and Mortgage Bailout

We endorse the Tax Payers [COLOR=red]Against a Wall Street and Mortgage Bailout Petition to Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Christopher Dodd, Senator Charles Schumer and members of Congress.

Read the Tax Payers Against a Wall Street and Mortgage Bailout Petition

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Wasn’t slavery the systematic forced extortion of one set of people’s hard-work, for the benefit of another group of people?


Now they call it service learning or compulsary volunteerism.

Are you talking about Africans selling their neighbors to Northen shipowners 150 years ago or the slavery that goes on *today *in Africa?