Business permits

I know this may be a silly question to some, but, do I need a business permit in each city I perform inspections in? Or do I just need it in the city I work out of?

Start with your state requirements.


It really depends on where you are located.

But I would think you may need a business license with your state, not a permit. Permits are typically pulled when work is performed. Home Inspection is a service which doesn’t require a permit.

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I am in California, but I had to get a business license to work out of my city, but wasn’t sure if I’d need it in every city, since I’m not selling a product. Thank you for your response!

Thank you. I will do that.

No you do not. All you need is to be set up with the state and the county or city where your business will be located and you will have to pay taxes on your business for that location.

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Thank you so much!! I appreciate the help! I have looked into it and you’re right. I just didn’t wanna go on and screw myself. Thank you again!


Actually, in my area, “Transient Merchant Permits” are required for businesses that want to sell here, but are not located here, such as for Roofing companies that seem to arrive after big storms, Vendors at the County Fair, etc. (Doesn’t apply to Home Inspectors though, as we are contacted/hired to come to this location). Signs are posted at the city limits on the main streets into town. I’ll try and remember to get a pic and post it here this weekend.

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Here ya go… near the Fairgrounds… (before I forget)…


Interesting, I haven’t seen those signs or noticed them while in MN.

To combat this most municipalities here require contractors to be licensed in each City that work is performed, But since HI is a service a license isn’t required per City.

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