County or city license

I’m in the process of starting a new Home Inspection business. I have submitted for my state license but had a question of whether I needed a county license or a license for each city I plan do inspections in.

Jeff Iosa

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I think technically you need county and any city you will work in. I’m not sure that anyone really does that though. I have county and city I live in, because that’s where my office is. That is of course in addition to my state license. Welcome aboard.

County wants their money too. Proof of state license and pay your annual fee in my area.

Once you check with your local govt agency you will know. My County does not require an occupational license. If I live din the city limits I would need one from them but since I live in the County I am exempt.

See this thread for additional information:

Thank you all for your input.

Don’t you mean your money?

The old “occupational Licenses” are no longer called that, either city or county. Due to confusion in policing unlicensed activity they are now called “business tax” or “registration fees”. So yes you need to pay them but they are not technically speaking licenses.

You need county and City (if you live in incorporated area), if required. But only for the those in which your business is based. You do NOT need to pay any other cities or municipalities at all.