Business Tax Receipts in every city?

Do you register your business (business tax receipt) in every city/county that you do inspections in?

Hell no.

What about everywhere else?

HUH :shock:

do what now

Belated congrats Dennis :smiley:

Thats one way to get more inspectors :wink:

If I remember right ( and at my age that’s hard) years back there was a Statute that said you only have to file your Occupational License or Business Tax in the city that our office is located in and it is good in all other cities that you work in. Anyone else remember that?

Sounds familiar. At least that is what I do.

If you want to contract somewhere else you must normally register. Whenever I need to be the one getting the permits I must register. That much I do know :slight_smile:

Where the buisiness is located only. This has been challenged by some municipalities however I don’t know the outcome, specifically in Palm Beach area about 16 years ago I remember one town. Somebody from that area in buisiness from that long ago might know more.

In my area, some Muni’s are attempting to combat this with “Transient Merchant Permits”. If you do business there, and are not local, you must purchase the permit, or get heavily fined.

I am registered in all three counties down here. When I went into this business 10 years ago i was told that I needed an occupational license in each county that I worked in.

I remember that as well Brian.
I have the county and city occupational licenses.

That is all crap as far as I am concerned.

They all want their unearned piece of the action.

I can see it if you are building and must work with their bldg departs. and such but to perform a service that is just a ripoff.

More reasons for LESS regulation.

My county (Pinellas) does not require occupational licenses anymore but the city of Clearwater wants you to register your Home Inspection business if you perform inspections there. I don’t think many inspectors do.

They are no longer called “Occupational Licenses” they’re called a business tax. (the change was made because too many were claiming to be licensed because they had paid this fee) To my knowledge you only need to pay such in the county or city in which your business resides. Some cities get away with charging a “registration fee” that they claim is used to pay for the needed book keeping (what book keeping is that?)

No, I don’t pay them any mind.

I’m licensed by the state and not pulling permits. I have an occupational in the county where my office is located. That’s all they get.

I was told by my county office that they all have reciprocal agreements and multi licensing is not required. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

i beleive you register in the city your office is in. Thats how it is in RI. If incorporated it it is inc. with the secratary of state. But dont go and pay each city $.

Yep, all of the lawn jockeys were driving around with “Licensed and Insured” on their signs!

I wonder what the test was to cut lawns? :mrgreen: