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Thanks to covid, I am finding the need to have documents signed electronically and taking payments electronically. I have been burned by one credit card company already and have been avoiding using another one but realizing I need to be able to offer that option to customers. I would prefer a pay as you go system since most of the time the client is at the inspection. Looking for any recommendations or warnings. Thanks in advance.

Just share the inspection agreement with the credit card company. You do have agreements right?

I do everything electronically. Paid 24 before inspection.

Been using PayPal for about 20 years without any problems or hassles.

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Square works really well. You can integrate it with too for your agreements and payments

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I have used Square for years and started doing 100% Square invoice in March. Since then, I have taken cash once and checks twice. I doubt I change back after like get back to normal.

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Same here Jeff. I use Square exclusively. I took one check this year and the rest are Square. Makes things easy to keep track of income.