PayPal For Payments??

I have been accepting checks or cash for payments for the last year basically, but it is getting more and more common for people to ask if I take plastic. Honestly I hate to pay crazy fees for such. I see PayPal is 2.9% which doesn’t seem that bad to me. Does anyone have any advice or experience with taking PayPal payments for home inspections?

I use it for taking field payments quite often. I also use it for invoicing my out of town customers and it works great.

I use PayPal exclusively. I will take other credit cards but PayPal is easiest as I don’t have to bring my square reader.

I’ve been using Paypal for over 10 years with no problems.

PayPal exclusively for 16+ years (damned near a charter member) with zero issues.
Be sure to read up on the different types of Business Accounts they offer. I do not use a reader, and have zero monthly fee’s, only per transaction fee’s. They have a new feature that makes it quicker and easier for persons to pay directly from their smartphones called “PayPal Me”. Check it out…

Thanks for all the input, it looks like I will be setting up a PayPal business account.

Been using PayPal for several years now. No problems. Started using PayPal Me several months ago (thanks to a previous post by JJ). Of course I accept cash and checks, but I no longer use a card reader.

Do you use the regular or business PayPal? I have read but can’t really see any difference in fees etc.

I don’t mind the PayPal fees. Great system & very easy to use website. They sent me this free little swiper that goes into the headphone jack of my IPhone with their easy to navigate application.
My transfer requests are sent to my bank the next day. Have their debit card too.
Also bought the stock when it went public for $34.69, it’s at $67.26 today. :smiley:

I hate PayPal, but my I had to offer it on my eCommerce site. Damn thing works.

PayPal advocate here .
Just add the 2.75% to your fee .

NP if you add a service charge as well…always take advantage of any situation.

I am sure you could discuss it as a expense as well with your Bookeeper.

When I decide to start offering to take plastic payments I raised my rates 3%. If someone pays with cash or check, I’m 3% ahead. Never had any issues with paypal.

If you get a PayPal debit card attached to your account, the funds are available immediately after swiping the card.

Nick, do you mind sharing with me what it is you hate about PayPal? I am seeing lots of positive post, but if there is a downfall to using it I sure would like to know. Thanks

I have a couple ecommerce businesses and I was able to setup Square with a push of a button. PayPal drove me crazy. It works now, but much more fuss and muss to setup. My understanding is that PayPal has gotten much better recently.

Gotcha, thanks for your input Nick.

My wife has an online business and she likes PayPal.

I use Works great!! If a client wants to use a credit card if they do not have funds in PayPal account, they assume the fee. There is an option for the person paying to accept fees. Never an issue.

Been using PP for 15 years now and never had a problem.

Clients can pay me directly from a link on my website.

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