Accepting Credit Cards

I’m looking for input to see who is using what to accept credit cards? I’m new and looking to get input on web and or smart phone based offerings. I know that InterNACHI has a merchant account program just looking to gather info.

Thanks for your ideas and suggestions.

It depends upon your volume. Just starting out it is probably best to use a processor that has no monthly fees. Square and PayPal are well known and easy to use.


Square and paypal like Frank said .

I use square and charge 4% more for the inspection.

I use square. The payments are fast and reliable. My only difference is I absorb the cost. My choice and it makes it easier for my clients. Since I got square the majority of my clients hve paid by CC and I have recieved payment in my account in less than 48 hours. No worries about cheques, nice not to handle large amounts of cash and quite frankly it is user friendly for me.

Used Pay Pal today with their on-site card reader. works great as long as I remember to charge the reader. Text receipt e-mailed upon completion of the transaction.

I have been using Square for two years and have been happy with there services.

I used square roughly two years. As mentioned, it’s nice because there are no monthly fees or minimums, so if you only get a few clients who want to play by card, you don’t have to worry.

As I’ve gotten busier, I switched to Guardian because it integrates with ISN, clients can pay online, and has a lower rate. But there is a monthly fee if I don’t hit a certain number every month.

Anyone have any issues with chargebacks or cardholder disputes? Not so much in regards to service quality but more so in the way of a client fraudulently disputing the translation so the could get their money back for whatever reason.

No. At least not yet.

Further, I don’t see it that being anymore or less risky than potentially receiving a bad check.

Square. Easy to use and makes getting paid easier. No more waiting to receive a check by snail mail.

I’ve been using square for a few years now and couldn’t imagine doing business without accepting credit cards. At least 1/3 of my clients pay by CC.

I don’t charge extra for CC users as my fees are high enough to cover costs.

Bingo! We have a winner!

When I started accepting CC’s I simply raised my rates to compensate for the cost. I don’t give a discount for cash or check so when I get them I am a little ahead.

Why tell your client. “Since you are paying with a credit card I am going to charge an additional 4%” I think that is petty.

I am getting to point where I’m starting to prefer CC.

I don’t have to walk around with a check in my pocket.
I don’t have to deposit the check later, and then hold on to the paper check for 90 days.
I don’t have to update ISN because it does it automatically.
Money is my account in 2-3 business days, rather than waiting 4-5 business days for a check to fully clear.

I had one chargeback and the guy tried to claim he didn’t receive the service he paid for. What it was, is he backed out on the purchase of the house and didn’t want to pay for the inspection. I fought it and won.

I use Signature and have my money in my account the next business day.

In 12 years in business, I have never accepted credit cards. Cash or check. My bank is directly on the way home so the deposit is at end of day. Never lost an inspection because of not taking cards. For inspections that do not have the client attending, which is very, very rare for me, I accept Paypal. Many Realtors advise clients to not use their credit cards until after the purchase closes so it doesn’t show up on the day before closing credit check.

I use Spark Business from Capital One. I have my funds in 24 to 36 hours, No monthly fee and 1.7 to 2.7 percent.
The customer service is amazing, and I could not be happier.

Most of my inspections are without any one else present. So I take CC. Prior to home inspections I did (hubby still does) websites and computer stuff. I had a square account for that it was rarely used. When I started home inspecting I kept that square account. Once I started getting a decent volume I went to ISN. I still used square. That created a LOT of extra work, so I switched to Guardian. I still have the square account for those websites we still do, and it is nice that since there is no monthly fee, if I have a problem with Guardian (just did this week) I can still send an invoice via Square, and still get paid. Square gets me my money withing 1-2 business days, Guardian, however, takes 3-5. Just keep that in mind.

Square and I Increased the price for everyone to cover the percentage.