busted pipes

I am a new inspector and I have a quick question. On my last inspection, I got almost done and ready to look at the plumbing. When I turned on the water in the bathroom, I went downstairs to ensure no water is filling up the basement. When I got down there a pipe under the shower was most assuredly broken or not connected properly and was pouring water into the basement. I went immediately and turned it off. My question is, do I then clean up the water, or call the listing agent and report the problem as a professional courtesy or what? I don’t want to leave the water but I don’t exactly carry around towels for such an event. What would Jesus do, golden rule, or what? Thanks for your input.

Two words… “Reasonable Care”.

I agree with Jeffery.

Was the home vacant or occupied? Was there any damage done to sheetrock?

I do carry a small wet/dry vacuum in my truck. Rarely do I need it but once in awhile it comes in handy.

Good idea.

We have a bunch of towels, drop cloths, and a wet vac at each inspection.

We fill every tub, sink, and run all showers. There have been a few times were there was a blockage that caused a mess.

We were able to clean up after the write up each time :slight_smile:

Carry towels, shut the water off, notify parties.

Couple months back did an inspect of a high end remodel.
Everything was done to the nines.
Even the door knobs were probably 300 a pop.

Anyway 3 spa tubs, filled them up, ran the jets and drained them.
I went down to basement and water was pouring out of the ceiling!

Turned out there was some construction debris in the main drain line.
Backed up out of the 1st floor toilet. Luckily it was all new plumbing so not too dirty.

But no, I did not clean that up. It was a significant amount of water.

I always run a lot of water during inspects for this very reason.
I will help clean up something reasonable however.