Bad day?????

Had two bad inspections yesterday.

One had a bad furnace install had no problem with it as most was visible.

The second one the problems were not visible let me describe.

Plumbing issues I run a lot of water down all fixtures during an inspection to basically see if the sewer main is flowing properly. My water had been running for a long time and nothing was backing up. While passing thru the kitchen I hear what sounds like water hitting water in the sink and it was the kitchen double sink was backing up on both sides. The utility room is also on the kitchen end of the home the bathrooms were on the other end so I make a dash for the other end of the home and find the bathroom floor flooded:roll: could not see any water overflowing from any fixture it gave the appearance of coming out from under the bathtub (slab floor) there were two bathrooms back to back and the water was on both bathroom floors. Lots of water. Not being able to see exactly where the water was coming from this is my summarization right or wrong I welcome your thoughts.

My thinking is that the tub drain line was leaking and the main sewer line is stopped up thus backing water out of the leaking drain line. I had a commode in this same bathroom that was extremely loose on the floor but did not observe any water backing out of the wax ring seal so I discounted the commode and focused on the tub. The realtors are turning this over to the Plumbers today and I am expecting to hear something such as we see no problems as most plumbers do not discharge the volume of water down these drains that I do for an inspection.

Your thoughts please.

Oh by the way when I called the Realtor and told him of the mess that I created his comment was glad it happened now and not after close. He was on the selling side not the listing side.


I would call that a good day. You did your client a service, the agent cannot hang you out to dry, you’ve avoided any potential lawsuit, and you got paid.

I’m also willing to bet that the seller knows of the condition and did not disclose it.

Bill you are right except I had to clean up my own mess.