...but they wanna license home inspectors...

Don’t bother to subscribe. The headline says it all.

I’m a little shocked by your attitude. Who better to loan us money than drug dealers and bank robbers - they seem to have a surplus and are willing to work with those locals with less than perfect credit.

Lets hear one for the KC bank robbers who help keep our economy strong by giving back to the community that helped them in their rags to riches tale.

Read their new best selling, book of the month at top rated bookstores everywhere. “Up From The Ashes - The Beginning”.

Now lets get back to the real deal - Licensing of Home Inspectors to make the streets safe for women and small children AND for National Security.

I must say James that you have not in 2 years of posting to put something helpfull to the average HI. I have never seen you post anything in the Tech threads, and it makes me wonder if you have ever completed a HI report for $…

I find your post to be nothing but crap, and in my mind you are a patsy for the powers that be… Tell Joe I said Hi… Dirtbags:mrgreen:

Shhhh…Next, they will want to license drug dealers and bank robbers. Think about it…you do that, and you have already pre-licensed many of the state’s real estate salesmen and mortgage brokers in advance.

No licensing leads to more Wisconsin fraud
Drug dealers and bank robbers don’t need education and background checks

Among the ranks of Wisconsin’s armed robbers and heron dealers are licensed mortgage lenders and real estate agents, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Some guy with a slanted viewpoint who happens to be an FBI special agent that investigates fraud in the drug dealing and armed robbery, said serious criminal and civil actions have not prevented some of these unlicensed thugs from remaining active in the business.

It is a given that a rubber stamp from the state for passing two simple tests, signing an affidavid and having a standards of practice in place will magically solve the problems of shifty drug drug deals and incompetent bank robbers. The proud people of Wisconsin will be assured that a licensed drug dealer knows the different between methamphetamine and heroin, not to mention they will be required by law to provide a pamphlet which each sale titled “Thow Those Needles Away After Each Use- The Right Way!” The epedemic of bank robbers screwing over the public by robbing our credit unions with butter knives and BB guns will cease because they will be required to perform their trade specifically with state issued AK-47’s.

Licensing solves everything!

Nah. Jim was just scared by a license, when he was a baby :mrgreen:

Also, your post is very much in the form of the pot calling the kettle black.

If it doesn’t help, it should not be posted. I can’t understand why a grown man whould spend so much time calling names and slaming other people’s attempts to help. Sure, NACHI isn’t perfect and neither are all of the posters on this board. But, at least, they try. I can’t believe that you don’t have better thinsg to do, like inspections or kids or being with your wife. Maybe you don’t.

Personally, I find your posts counter productive, rude and sophmoric.

But, that’s just me.

Me as well.

Todd will go away, soon. The odor may linger for a while…

It looks like Mr. Bushart is well known in the home inspection arena.


Why bore is with tripe, Tracy? Do you have a point, or are you trying to revive a dead message board?

I wonder if we’re seeing another trend here for **SOMEONE **to have a reason to push for more regulation in things involving Real Estate. It looks like similar articles in several states on the mortgage lender issuee.

Kinda of like when the push for licensing HI’s started. Same words - different states miles apart. Interesting…

Well Mr. Bushart, I thought that you would like to see this as your name is mentioned along with your experience as a home inspector. Apparently it must be true as more than several individuals know of your limited experience as a home inspector.

Pardon my absence, but we have been moving and this is the first day that I have been able to post in a couple of weeks. my wife was transferred and we are now neighbors of Nick, well kind of neighbors.

You’re too new to the game to engage, Schoopy.

The oldest trick in the book for proponents of legislation is to attempt the argument that those who oppose are less than competent inspectors. It was invented by FABI in the Florida debate, years ago.

I think that Mr. Bowers, with his 28 years in the business, could offer more on that.

Go back to your other message boards, Schoopy. :smiley:

By the way, please let Mr. O’Handjob know, the next time you are visiting his obscure little stopover in cyberspace, that I am not a CMI.

I already told Mike O’ that James, ithe only reason you aren’t is probably because too many of your flock know how inexperienced you are, and as your lady friend said, even she knew better than to become a Master without having performed any inspections.

The number of posts on other message boards would probably come a lot closer to this one if you were to quit posting here, it looks like in the absence of Ms Forsyth you and her replacement in Georgia have to pick up all the slack.

I haven’t been able to log in here consistantly since the end of July, I received 3 PM’s today and for some reason the system let me in.

“The oldest trick in the book for proponents of legislation is to attempt the argument that those who oppose are less than competent inspectors. It was invented by FABI in the Florida debate, years ago.”

It seems to have worked in Florida doesn’t it?

I imagine this simple little measure reduced at least half of the bandwidth of this thread …

Let me guess, +5K words of http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_9_15v.gif

Nick, why is it that fools like you who use the ignore list just can’t help to respond to those you claim to ignore?

People talk Lewis, that is probably the shortest post you have made anywhere in a long time. You are so full of bs and bile that it goes without saying that having you on someone’e ignore list will really speed up their browsing this message board and not miss anything worthwhile.

If you have 15 years and millions of dollars to piss away then… Yes, by all means use the Florida plan. :mrgreen:

A similar topic is on another thread on this site. I’m posting on both.

a tallen said something like: “the only states with credibility in home inspector issues are those that are licensed”. My response is below.

The only States with credibilty when it comes to laws, are those with regulations. They are the ones keeping optomitrists etc. from being HI’s".

**You think there’s credibility in being licensed - and none if not?

You’re kidding right.

****For example - As a “non-licensed home inspector” in a “non-licensed state”, I’ve done expert witness over 23 times in the past 6 years alone against “licensed engineers”. Not to be rude, but to date its 23/0 in my favor.
If I look at the home inspector licensing laws in place around the country and hung my entire credibility hat on meeting their requirements, I wouldn’t have a whole lot except in maybe 2 of them.

Sorry - licensing doesn’t really protect the consumer **OR **us (especially us), **AND **the licensing of inspectors is so pathetically simplistic (except in 1 or 2 states) that it doesn’t keep hardly anyone out of the profession.

Witness that by the dramatic INCREASE in HI numbers in most licensed states AFTER licensing went into play.

All it mostly does is give others a lever in controlling what we do.**

**Almost every other profession outguns us in man-power, political influence, money, etc. **Once we’re licensed it makes it a lot easier to jerk our chains.