"Buy Back" Guarantee Helps Protect Your Insurance Claim History

buy back guarantee home inspector

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Well since you own an HI insurance company, you should give the Buy back program away for free to your insured’s, to keep everyone’s rates down.
It would also protect you.

Seems only fair.

Uh, it is free to ALL inspectors who participate in the “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee. Always has been.

So, it’s free but it costs $5.00/inspection.
Like I said, you should waive all fees to members of your own in-house insurance plan.

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It’s not free. That word is used too loosely in these parts.


Wasn’t insurance free through NACHI if you participated in the buy back program?

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No I pay for both.

I could have sworn it was a short time thing.

I’m not understanding. Who would pay the marketing department for printing and shipping the unlimited marketing pieces members order and all the other marketing costs that they incur? Our insurance company runs at no profit so that the premiums are low. Where would that money come from in your system?

I use the “Buy Back” program and switched to Elite for my E&O insurance last year.

Is there some type discount we get. My rates went up this year although at 74 I’m doing less inspections than I was 4-5 yrs ago and in 35+ yrs of inspecting I’ve never had a claim of any kind.

Yes. www.nachi.org/bbg-insurance

What a shock, you pretend to be confused.
It’s all pretty clear to everyone else.

But wait. It gets better.

Did you know that none of the inspectors involved in the issues resolved by the Guarantee ever had to pay a penny? The inspectors didn’t pay anything.

What happens when the issues are not resolved?


It is buried in this thread. https://forum.nachi.org/t/requesting-help-responding-to-complaint/201119?u=bcawhern1

There are consumers out there that you simply can’t make happy. That’s true. No resolution tool, not warranties, not the Buy Back program, not insurance… make every consumer happy.

I have one consumer who we bought a home back from, she moved to another home, got another inspection on that home, is unhappy with the second home, and now wants that home bought back as well.

I’m going to do by best but some issues aren’t resolvable.