Member uses Buy Back Your Home Guarantee to land a job for $100 more than competitors

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Send him a box of Now That…

Just landed one myself using it. Another inspector I know landed one and has a presentation scheduled at a RE office to talk about it because the agent was so impressed.

Start a flame and just try to put it out after it gets too big to handle. This is going to help out many many HI’s and Clients get the Inspector they deserve.

I just ordered new business cards with that on it.

New Business Cards.jpg

They will be here Friday and in Clients hands Sat.

Great for business

Thanks Nick

A new inspection business just opened here and is charging less than half my price. This program has already proven to sway customers my way. Check out the cover of my free book I give to customers and realtors.

Ok, I missed something…what buy back program. Is it some kind of insurance? and

All fine and well till everyone offers it. I tried to sign up at the start but had issues. I will sign up eventually and have told folks that they would get it but have not landed one YET. I am sure it will help as I usually quote a few hundred bucks more than most for a written home inspection. It “the high quote for written” helps me sell what I really enjoy, walk and talks :slight_smile:

Nice. It is a real attention getter at (normally boring) real estate office presentations. First rule of marketing: If you don’t have their attention, nothing else you say matters.

Here is a newer update to the older post you just highlighted. Thought you might be interested.

Tyler’s comments are excellent and I fully agree.

The Buy Back program is as much a tool for agents to sell homes as it is a tool for inspectors to grab market share… and market share it is a grabbin’! Reminder: this only gets you more opportunities… you still have to do great inspections.

But if you think you can’t pry real estate agents away from their pet inspector that they’ve been recommending for years by simply dropping off your inspection business cards at her office… do that. Good luck.

From the feedback … it looks like lying to agents about buying back a house isn’t helping inspectors too much, either.:wink:

Do you have a Plan C?

The Buy Back program is more successful than I could have ever dreamed. Participating member after participating member reporting outrageous success with it. One member had 15 agents ask for his business card at a real estate office where he did a presentation about the Buy Back Guarantee. But the amazing part is that there were only 15 agents in the room. That one presentation is probably going to change his financial life forever.

Now maybe our member could have had the agents drop their pet inspectors and switch over to him with just a presentation about how thorough his inspections are and how he is always on time. Who’s to say?

I concede that it won’t make you a better inspector. Coke spent $3 billion last year advertising a product that everyone knows about and has tasted. It still tastes like Coke. The purpose of spending all that money was to take cola-drinking customers away from Pepsi. If you can’t grasp that, you won’t grasp this marketing program.

I just don’t understand why NACHI is vested into this type program? NACHI is non-profit. This buy back program is for profit. Who is the owner of this buy back program?

I just don’t understand why the home inspector industry feels a need to push all these 3rd party vendor services. The only true winners are the vendors who peddle the products.

Don’t see appraisers pushing a bunch of 3rd party vendor services. When you figure out as an inspector that you and only you make your business a success by putting in hard tireless work and not feeding the vendors, you will reap the rewards. Focus on selling you and your company not highlighting all these vendor products.

BTW, no 3rd party vendor program will ‘‘pry’’ the agents away from using my services. The top agents use me because I offer a thorough unbiased inspection with out a bunch of fillers or peddling the wares of 3rd party vendors.

Love Nick, many ways to make money off inspectors. Just don’t endorse this one, not good for our industry.

Ray, I understand your distaste for vendors. But unless you built your own inspection ladder out of 2" x 4"s cut from trees you grew (and not purchased from a vendor like Home Depot)… I’m not following your thinking.

The Buy Back Guarantee an optional sales tool. So are business cards. So are brochures. So are websites. So are agent office presentations. All optional. Actually everything is optional. Even membership in InterNACHI is an optional business decision.

Here is the problem many members asked us to solve: The agents in their local markets have their pet inspectors that they’ve been referring for years. Dropping off business cards at the agent’s office doesn’t seem to work to pry these agents away from their favorite inspectors. Neither does making some boring real estate presentation about how thorough they are. Why doesn’t doing a thorough inspection or dropping off business cards work? You tell me.

Real estate agents all over the country host talk radio shows about real estate investing and home buying and home selling, etc. I’ve been in the inspection business for decades and not one in all those years has ever invited me on any of their shows. Not one. This week I’ve accepted four different unsolicited offers to speak about our “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee. Why? You tell me.

Some inspectors need to make a splash. A big splash. A nice business card, even a full-color business card printed on glossy card stock just ain’t cuttin’ it for them. They need something big. Don’t like it? Don’t need it? Don’t use it. InterNACHI is a buffet of educational and marketing dishes. Eat what you want, all you want.