buy back guarantee

I have to say that the buy back guarantee offer has been the best marketing tool for my home inspection business since I started. Everytime I mention this program, people want to know all about it and get exited. Is everyone here using this program, if not , why?

I think if I told people I had that and they got excited it would be time to worry. …hahaha.

Seriously? Realtors eat it up. A guarantee to buy the house back. Whats wrong with it?

I use it when I “HAVE” to do a Written Home Inspection.

I have found it a great way to get more money than the competition along with being a CMI I am golden if I want to do them :slight_smile: The clients eat it up :slight_smile:

Two awesome programs for sure if you want to stand out from others.

I wonder how it would work if my Client from Tuesdays inspection decided to use it?
The price-tag: 12.2 million dollars!
The main house and cabana are pictured. The “servants” quarters consisted of a two story home built in 1930, which had been remodeled.

Probably the same way it would work for a 30k shack.

Until they had to buy it back…Maybe Mondays inspection will be more affordable…only 2.2 mil…

Nice houses. I dont think price is a factor. I have offered the program on similiar properties with no issue. The clients love it

I just don’t want to mess around with anything else.
I just want to do the inspection get my money and send the report.



InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee helps you with the first third of the second sentence of your statement. :wink:

This thing lands you inspection jobs.

Will nachi pay if the buyer gets buyers remorse or something is discovered that I couldn’t see on the property I inspected Tuesday with a price tag of 12.2 million dollars?

Then, imagine the hoopla if you did pay it…I would have to look for another career prematurely.

Who pays for all of the closing and moving costs (2X in a situation like that. The seller may be happy that hes getting his money back but what about all of the hard costs. Inspection fees, closing fees, attorneys fees, moving costs, painting (home prep costs) and around here the mansion tax if the home is more than 1 million dollars, these can easily add up into the high numbers ($30,00 or $50,000) especially if the buyers is now moving again. I dont think that the buyers are going to let that money go just so they can move again.

Heck yes. I’d love to flip a 12 million dollar home (seller did all the work to get it to sell already, buyer likely paid as little as possible for it already). I know just how to do it too.

Correct. As the price of the house goes up, it gets more and more absurd to accept our full-price offer. It’s very much suited to a modest-income client who feels he/she made a bad decision on a home and are blaming everyone but themselves. Or worse, suing you, suing the seller, suing the agents, filing insurance claims, complaining to the DBPR, damaging your reputation on social media, etc. InterNACHI’s Buy Back Guarantee to the rescue!

So knowing that houses say, over 250K wouldn’t bother with doing it, this is nothing more than a marketing gimmick? Right? Just like a 90 day warranty… :wink:

No, four of the six deals we did cost more than $250K each. I’m sure those consumers, their home inspectors, and the real estate agents that referred those home inspectors to those consumers wouldn’t describe the program as a “gimmick.”

Is your website a marketing gimmick? It’s just for marketing, correct? It doesn’t provide the consumer any real value like InterNACHI’s Buy Back Guarantee. How do you define “marketing gimmick?”

Don’t spin a website as a marketing gimmick.
Or, are you telling the membership to remove their websites?

A marketing gimmick is something that will never be used but is used to dupe unsuspecting clients into using a particular inspector because of it. Individuals who hire me to inspect a 12 million dollar property could care less about a buyback guarantee. If I make a mistake, they will sue me. For a lot more than the 5K inspection fee.

Your buyback guarantee eliminates a bunch of clients from doing it and as an inspector, I would never want to be mentioned as someone who had to do it.

Marketing gimmick isn’t a term I ever use… you did. I’m asking you if something that provides no real value to consumers, but is only designed to market you, is a gimmick under your definition? If it is, then under your definition, your website is a marketing gimmick. It does nothing but market you.

Anyway, you just made a great argument in favor of using the Buy Back Guarantee because the program doesn’t just market, it does something real.

Agreed. This program is used and provides a great service to consumers, inspectors, and agents.

Agreed. That’s why we not only get a release for the inspector but keep him/her out of it. Imagine if the inspector didn’t participate.

Imagine a client who is so unhappy with you and the house that he/she is willing to sell the house back. Imagine such a client. Without the Buy Back Guarantee, you’re out of business. A client who is that furious is possibly going to bad mouth you to everyone, damage your reputation on social media, sue you, file an insurance claim, write to your licensing board, and sue the agent who referred you. Your reputation is toast, as is your career locally. The Buy Back Guarantee takes that horrific situation and turns it completely around. Your client ends up recommending you to everyone, your insurance policy doesn’t take a ding, your licensing board never gets a complaint, and the agent that referred you gets another listing from InterNACHI.

Now, aside from it actually providing something of value to all parties… it is also great at marketing you. A friend of mine just bought a home and sought out a participating inspector. This made me very curious and so I asked her why she did that. She said “I didn’t want to make a big mistake and get stuck with a lemon.” She’s right.