buyers protection group

Has anyone heard of buyers protection group out of Atlanta? There are hiring home inspectors across the country to work for them. They offer full benefits and you are an employee of theirs. They said there is no conflict of interest if you own your own company . This sounds to good to be true.Please advise if anyone has heard of them. Thanks.

Wilfred, got the same card in the mail as you did. I was wondering the same thing.

Around here, full benefits sounds like a job!

If they refer you though.

As long as they don’t tell you what to write, as it is your own company, your name not theirs, your own responsability.
If legally challenged do they stand by your side or do they stand aside to watch.:slight_smile:

What they want and need, in your area, is your good name and reputation to link their’s to. The opposite is also true, for when “Dateline NBC” or “60 Minutes” does its fifteen minute expose on how untrained “meekers” working for this company have ripped off dozens of blue haired old ladies by recommending needless repairs for their construction companies…they take you down the tubes with it.

Be careful.

They acquired a real estate services company that filed bankruptcy a while back and are

Thanks James for the Info. Yes I read what Meeker always says on the message board. I want to check out this company further so see what is what with them and how legal they are in Florida.Thanks for your input.

I have just checked them out on BBB (I am not a fan of BBB but it is an indication) and they rate a F.
I will ignore their offer to join them as it will only drag me down into the mud with them. Suggest you do the same unless you live and work in Central Florida because you will then become one less inspector I have to compete with.

Bet they are an F because of the Home Warranty company they bought out.
Read earlier today that it was Land America.

Yes… if a customer calls you and you can hear a warranty rep telling them that the home inspector should have inspected the internal components of a condensing unit (or some bizarre thing) you can guess who it is…

You know it’s bad when you’ve heard dozens of agents recommending buyers to buy a SEPARATE home protection plan than that of the one named above. Their reputation had quickly begun to precede them and their “throw everyone under the bus” way of doing biz. Think Fannie and Freddie will change up? Prolly not.

Just sayin!

Sounds a bit shady to me. I think I would pass on this offer.:cool:


Anyone have anything new to add to this three year old thread? I am a new inspector and looking for ways to get my foot in the door.

They contacted me last summer, I thought that I’d see what they were all about. So I ageed to meet with them. I was told that their VP would be in town and he would call me and set up an appointment. Never called.

I sent them an email telling them what I thought, he did call and say he was sorry for the oversight and we could reschedule. I passed.

Basically, they want to split the inspection fee with you depening on your experience that could be as low as 40% for the inspector AND you still have to do your own marketing they’ll provide the materials.

Thanks for the post, is there any upside to the story or are they simply misinformed in regards to their business plan in thinking that home inspectors would simply split their fee with no perceptible return?

I’m a new hire 30 days into their fast track training program. I’m new to this inspection field with a background in construction and remodeling my thoughts were this experience will do me good. My initial dues are about due here with Internachi and from the way I understand it Ill be reimbursed by BPG. My experience so far has been basically positive, being a rookie. I’ll keep the thread on my radar and share my experience good or bad.

Bpg in contrary to older reports are currently rated A+ with the BBB

Dude how is this s h i t you are slinging not slander? I have never ripped anyone off and you can’t even find one complaint about me from a not inspector. I believe you owe me an apology. This king of crap ins un acceptable.

What do you know of me and what do you have to say. Speak up man.

How does James crap not go against purposely harming another member especially one as trained as I. He claims I am un trained and I have read about every damn book internachi has and won the Beaumont award twice so far. What a bunch of crap. I am sure the Ethics committee will jump right into looking into this offensive slander right?

Oh from 2011 i’ll give him a pass as that is to far back for me to give a crap he has been gone brace and maybe gone again I am not sure and do not care.

Sorry for b i t c hing about the past :slight_smile:

Old thread I know but they contacted me today.
I don’t know anything about them and I just said no to meeting with them.

Why work for a percentage?