BPG inspection on Cleveland Ohio?

Has anyone ever heard of this company?

They are out of Georgia. Heard a few things about them,not all good. I believe they also try and upsell home warranties.

Thank you I to meet someone

BPG is a franchise. Pay inspectors at a low percentage base. There are a few in my area…and they suck

Thanks don’t think I’m going to do it

Thanks for that Wonderful review of BPG! Being an inspector that happens to where the BPG logo saying they SUCK is like me saying Every other inspector out there SUCKS but me!! There are good doctors and bad, good salesmen and bad And good inspectors And bad. There are plenty of nationwide companies that have good and bad employees regardless of what they do or sell. So be careful in just slinging that mud. Maybe the inspectors in Your neck of the woods Suck, possibly you too but I won’t say that. My experience with them to date has been positive,so take a look I’ve been happy since the company I work for went under there umbrella. They offer 401k, stock options, $10mil E/O and more.

Just looking for information on they are new in this area

Everyone else out there sucks except for BPG. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For the record… BPG is NOT a franchise. We hire inspectors as W2 employees. We offer 401K and stocks with company match, full health insurance - medical, vision, dental, short/long-term disability. The insurance alone saves many inspectors several thousands of dollars each year. The insurance also includes an HSA which is a huge help. BPG also pays for the inspectors association dues (NACHI, boards of realtors, etc), supra keys/lockbox access, E&O/GL, etc… There’s a reason more than 350 inspectors choose to work with us.

We’re always looking for quality inspectors to join the team. If you’d like to hear more info, feel free to reach out to me and I’d be glad to have a conversation.

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Why not answer questions here so all can see? Many may ask questions others might not think of or consider during their “private” conversation.

We dont have any secrets.Feel free to ask away.

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I searched for reviews, my computer blew up from BBB, Yelp, Glass Door, etc.
For the most part, it reflects they suck… :warning:

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Are Inspectors paid by the hour? If not how are they paid?

What is the average fee for a 3000 Sq. Ft. home that is charged to the client.

Would you be willing to post the following:
Copy of the Inspector work agreement with BPG?
Copy of the agreement the client must sign?

Are Inspectors required to perform inspections in a timed fashion? By that I mean are they required to inspect “X” Sq. Ft. in “X” amount of time?

Are Inspectors free to take all the time they need for an inspection?

Are Inspectors performance based on inspecting some specific number of inspections a day, a week, etc.?

Are Inspectors required to use BPG reporting software? If so what is it and is it paid for? Does it fully comply with Texas laws?

Are Inspectors required to generate reports on site and provide them to the client before they leave?

In Texas we have a very minimal SOP. Are Inspectors required to inspect only to that SOP or are they free to exceed the SOP to any specific level they choose?

If Inspectors choose to far exceed the SOP are they covered under the BPG E&O policy?

What level of E&O coverage does each Inspector have access to?

What level of GL insurance is each Inspector covered for?

Do Inspectors have the ability to accept or decline any inspection job they are assigned?

Are Inspectors required to own and use any advanced inspection equipment, i.e. thermal imagers, drones, etc., etc.?

Are Inspector’s travel costs to and from inspections reimbursed?

Are Inspectors provided any allowance for vehicles, tools, equipment, etc., etc.?

This is good you are willing to speak in the open as it can help other Inspectors decide if they want to call or not. I’m sure others can also provide additional questions.

If I was to consider employment, do you pay more for a licensed Home Inspector who is also a licensed Termite Contractor and Mold Assessor?
I could retain my state pest control business license so the hassle of sub-contracting AND conflict of interest does not exist.

All great questions. I apologize for the long-winded response, but there are a lot of questions to discuss.

Inspectors are paid a split of the total inspection fee for each inspection they complete. The split going to the inspector ranges from 40% up to 65% depending on experience and the volume of inspections you complete. The more inspections you complete, the higher split you take for yourself.

Average fees will vary by market. TX is not my market so I dont know all the specifics. What I can tell you is the average fee for TX overall is ~$450 - $500 (depending on the area).

I’m not able to share all the specifics of an employee agreement or pre-inspection agreements, but I assure you there are no secrets or anything out of the ordinary.

Inspectors are not required to complete the inspections within a particular time-frame. They may work at their own pace.

Inspectors are able to work as much or as little as possible. We dont require a particular number of inspections per day or week.

As a company, BPG uses HomeGauge software and the software is provided to the inspectors at no cost. It is fully compliant with all TX laws.

Inspectors are not required to complete reports on-site. They can if they want to but its not a requirement. All reports must be submitted to the client no later than 24 hours from the inspection.

As I mentioned before, I personally don’t handle TX so I dont know all the specifics for that area. I know the inspectors must follow the state’s SOP but I’m unsure about anything beyond that. The same goes for what happens if the inspector exceeds the SOP - I’m unsure.

The inspectors are covered under BPG’s E&O and GL - 10 million in coverage.

The inspectors choose when and where they work, so they may decline jobs at any time if they wish.

Advanced equipment is not typically a requirement, but we would always encourage the inspectors to obtain advanced certifications or training.

The inspectors choose their own service areas. Mileage is technically not reimbursed, but the inspectors have the ability to raise or lower the total inspection fee as they see fit. If the job is far away from the inspector, they can add-on an additional $50 (for example) to the total fee to make up the difference for travel costs.

Inspectors are not provided an allowance for tools or equipment.

Thanks for giving me opportunity to answer these questions Emmanuel. Hopefully this will provide some clarity. I’m glad to help if anyone else has questions as well. I dont check this forum every single day but I will answer any questions when I’m able.

Marc - we do pay higher splits to inspectors with additional certifications or experience above standard home inspections.

Thank you… … …

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