Buzzing lights

I just did a HI on a home that was built in the early 60’s. Thje home has been added on a couple of times. I found a breaker box in the bottom kitchen bar cabinet, one in the closet, one in the garage, and one in the basement. The wiring was a mess I suggested that they contact an electrical contractor for an evaluation. However, in the original part of the home, there were lights that would buzz when you would turn them on and off. Is there a resister or something in this lighting system. Need some help identifing this. Never ran accrosed it before.

State that a strange noise was being heard durring the inspection when some light switches were activated. The electrician should investigate it further.

FYI. 100 watt light bulbs are notorious for buzzing when controlled by a dimmer that is set to just the right (wrong) spot. The filaments vibrate. Rough service lamps that have extra filament supports will help.

The lights don’t buzz after it is turned on, only when you turn on the switch. It is a push button switch. It almost sounds like a door bell buzzer but not as loud.

Aluminium single strand distribution wire , that needs attention, might do that!

Refer to a qualfied electrician!


Sounds a bit like “low voltage” lighting to me, which was used a bit in the 60’s around here.

yeah…it sounds like what John stated to me as well…if it were dimmers on the system…cheap dimmers can make a filament BUZZ but if you have an old push button switch…check in the attic to see if the lighting is an old magnetic solinoid lighting system…worth a look see…

That’s kind of what it sounds like is a soliniod kicking on and off. I’ll check it out to see if I can get to it from the attic. Thanks

Photos of this ‘mess’ would close the case on ‘low voltage’ controled lights.


The reason I posted this question was because I had the oppertunity to inspect the same home twice, by two different clients. I inspected this home about 3 months ago, and I put in my report that should contact a licenced electritian. These same people hired me agian to inspect a different home for them. They said that they had an electritian look at the first home, and said the the home should be rewired because he wa kinding voltage drops in several circuits. The home had been added on to several times and had a sub panel for each time. I posted this question before I inspected the home for the second time. After taking in all of you guys input, I found out that you guys were right on the money. It was a low voltage system running the lights in this home. Thanks for all of the responses.


Excellent…see…we are not all QUACKS…lol…

Now the electrician saying the house should be rewired because of voltage drop…well…I will reserve my comments on that since no percentage was stated and I will give the electrician the benefit of the doubt…lol