Whats that buzzing sound?

coming from the main panel?? Hummm…:-k:-k:-k


So, what’s the answer? I only see a hot conducter. A multistrand cable has nothing that would cause it to “buss”!




My guess was a loose connector. The one wire was oxidized as well,. An empty home with a few lights on. Potentially the main breaker. I just smack the hornets nest and run away.

Well then, there you go. :mrgreen:

Why are you guessing? It’s not difficult to determine if it’s a high resistance connection.

I have run into this several times. Do you report the buzz sound to your client. I do and write it up as a safety hazard and recommend further evaluation by a licensed electrical contractor. If I hear buzzing before removing the panel I make same recommendation and don’t remove the front cover.

What do others do…

The buyer was right next to me so that always helps. I would say yes to documenting the buzzing.

Sean that image means very little with out the temp and the amp draw. I see a temp differential between the to incoming legs quite often depending on how the breakers are balanced

Just where was the main service located? The last time I had a buzzing sound it was coming from the main service box located just on the other side of the house wall. The buzz only appeared to be coming from the inside the panel.

I had heard buzzing before and in one case I found a broken messenger (neutral) on the outside of the home. When that was fixed, the buzzing stopped. This would have nothing to do with this pic as this is a hot feeder.

Loss of the neutral is a major cause of fires. If you ever encounter something like that, the main breaker should be turned off immediately. Loss of neutral can cause 240V to be impressed on 120V circuits.


was there a thermal gradiant on the wire? Picture doesn’t show enough to tell.