Buzzing noise from panel

Relay at the bottom right of the panel.

Every time you turned the switch on for nearby flourescent lights, this device would make a buzzing noise.

What’s it for and is ok for it to be buzzing???

Buzzing came from the device directly under the yellow wire nut, not from the breaker it connects to.

100_1886 (Small).jpg

Yes, that’s an RR7 or RR9 low voltage lighting relay. It appears to be installed and used compliantly. They do buzz a little. Some more than others, but completely normal.

Made by several companies, but the GE one’s are the gold standard, as they’ve been around for 40-50 years. Read all about it:

By the way… I guess you called out the grounding situation in that subpanel? A #2 copper mechanical lug is not rated for 40 zillion #10’s, #12’s and #14’s. The proper PK7 ground bar from Square D is very readily available for that particular panel.


Report goes out tonight…yes the grounding issue will be on it.

Don’t forget to call out the white wire at the bottom of the panel that doesn’t have a wire nut on it.

And I maybe looking at it wrong as well…but is there something strange with that Conduit coming in the right side…probably just my eyes…lol


if you’re talking about right under the yellow wire nut, that is the relay that was buzzing.

if you’re talking about at the top right of the panel, those are 2 conductors improperly terminated within the panel.