Cabinet to stove top cleareance

Any body have reference material as to distances from oven and stove tops to combustible materials (cabinets). Code book says 30" or per man. listing.
Any Pictures?

Hi. James;

I don’t have fancy sketches of what I am talking about like some out there, but I do know that if you install a kitchen, the main counter top is at 34" to 36" and the upper cabinets are 18" above that and if you have a cook top it is usually 15" higher. == 30"-33" above the counter.

Typical installation of cabinets is 36" - 18"- and 30" = you got it.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Go to page 4 of the installation manual for this particular model.

Was it as close as this?

Brain, it was almost that close. When I first walked in the kitchen I was told the smoke/fire damage above the cooktop on the ceiling was from a fire. The home was a mobile home and the vertical clearance from the top was about 23 inches. I noted inadequate clearance and for furher evaluation.

Thanks everyone for the replies.