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Hi to all,

I was hoping to get some opinions on this wood stove because I could not find any information for local building codes on this. As you can see in the pictures this unit is only 9 inches from the wall (which appears to just be regular sheetrock). I was under the idea that this had to be about 18 inches from a combustible surface? Also I thought there had to be 18 inches of non combustible surface on the floor surface? Your help here is appreciated.


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Probably won’t find local code stuff on it…

Research the manufacturer of the stove…most clearances are stove specific.

A newer more efficient stove like my LOPI in the basement doesn’t emit as much heat from the backside as an old Schrader Stove like my living area stove does.

Do you eat spam while on inspections?


OK I will bite. Spam?

Picture #1…Spam Can Key…sigh, young whippersnappers.

We could talk typical clearances but what really matters is the manufacturers installation specifications which are not usually available to the inspector.

If I don’t have those in front of me, I defer to them for proper installation clearances. Check with homeowner.

I will research them for my clients sometimes…not always.

That is just me though…I can’t stand to not know. Of course, if after doing my initial search I still cannot find it…I let them know that they should ask for the installation manual…you know how hard those are to find.

You’ll be suprised how much you can find using Google. This is just something I have chosen to do for my clients…

18" of hearth protection in front of the unit is correct.

If the unit is certified (look for sticker on back) it will tell you what the clearance will be. If its an uncertified unit you should have 48 clearance to the combustible wall before sheilding.

Also I am not particularrly fond of that recepitical behind the stove. Even if that unit is certifed for 9" or less recommend that the cover on that receptical be replaced with a metal solid cover plate. This isn’t to protect the plastic in the receptical from melting but rather to protect the cords that may get plugged into it.

As always it does depend on the stove itself and it’s clearances. For instance, I can lick my LOPI stove on the backside and not get burned.

Wait…what I mean is that the back of my LOPI stove is cool to the touch. :slight_smile:

Also be sure the flue pipe clearaces are correct as well.

Kinda odd,

I did a Google search on “Fisher wood stove installation” and found nothing. I guess in this case you would call out the “usual clearance” recommendations??

Let me try…

Also in the meantime, did you look at the manufacturers tag on the back of the stove? Oftentimes it is stamped there. If there was no tag…and no way of identifying the model stove…you should defer it to the “stove guy”…

I know that doesn’t help…

Model #?

here is something…don’t ever say I didn’t give you anything…even if it doesn’t help! :wink:

Go here and look for it:

Where the HECK did you find that link!? Nontheless, you da man. I think your Google search abilities are better than mine. I couldn’t find a manual online. I am like you, I just have to know these things, and according to this manual you found it is installed wrong. Thanks to all who answer these posts. Ask and learn-learn and help. Hope I can help find something for you sometime :wink:

P.S. I think this stove is a “Grandma”, and she always said to stay away from Spam.

No problem Greg…just trying to give back help that was given to me.

Was this stove manual for your model? If it was, that is one heck of a coincidence eh?

I thought there were only 2 Models that they made according to the link you sent. I still bet all applies as far as clearance.