CAFCI breaker

I have a contractor (new construction 2018) saying that an CAFCI circuit breaker is OK to install in bathrooms.I say no, anyone have any info saying yes, I have looked and can’t find anything.

They are not GFCI breakers per Schneider Electric.

Watch short video: Video: What is the difference between an AFI and a CAFI circuit breaker?

Afci protection can be used if desired in addition to areas that already require it. The receptacles would still need gfi protection.

It’s perfectly fine so long as he installs GFCI protection at the receptacle. It’s not a substitute or alternative. If he thinks it is, ask him to point out the language in the NEC.

Why would you say no even if it weren’t required? Isn’t extra protection a good thing?

Thanks for confirming what I thought.

your OP said you thought you could not install them. That is incorrect.

For an extra $5 they can use a dual purpose AFCI/GFCI breaker and everyone would be happy.

yes in a bathroom without a GFCI outlet