Calculating R values in building envelopes

Anyone aware of software to speed up the overall calculation of R values in building envelopes

Possibly ResCheck. Can you be a little more specific with the question?

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I’ll agree with James “ResCheck” is the program that can be used used to show compliance with ICCE which is what most States have adopted. But this is mainly used for new homes to show compliance. R-Values are only one of many components you enter. The Code (ICCE) does not necessarily call out a minimum R-Value such as for attics…Ie. If you inspect a newer home and see, say R-19 in an attic it really may not be deficient (or not meet Code) simply because standards may be say R-38.

If you would like go here and you can download or use a web version of this And here is a sample ResCheck on a home

Thanks for the replies.

Similar to a home inspection type software, I am hoping to find a software where I can collect relevant information on site (mostly for second hand properties).

See .pdf document as to information that should be collected to determine a reasonable accurate energy efficiency score for a property.

Most of the time is taken up during the inspection, is in obtaining measurements of the exterior components, walls, roofs, windows and doors, interior floor areas and allocating relevant “U” values to these components relative to the overall size of the property.

Currently I take photos and measurements of the exterior envelope components and interior floor areas of the property. Based on the relevant components, age and type of the property, I make selective determinations as to the “R” or “U” values for these exterior and interior components together with what percentage of the exterior area that contains these components.

What I am hoping to find is a software that will speed up the collection of this data.

Maybe what I need is a person who is excellent with Microsoft excel spread sheets.


Here’s an R-value calculator that I recommend for use in Canada: