Calibrated Sun Nuclear 1028 CRM

I have 3 calibrated Sun Nuclear 1028 continuous radon monitors for sale.

This is one of the 3. See photos and make me an offer. You will be responsible for shipping and insurance cost. Actual cost. I will not overcharge the buyer for shipping.

If you would like just this one then make an offer on it. If you would like all three than make me an offer on them. Please no low ball offers. These things pay for themselves in no time.

Justin… are you hanging up your flashlight? Or upgrading all your tools?

Hi Justin,

I would offer $600. Please provide more details such as what accessories do they come with? A case? A tripod? Cables?

I see this one was calibrated through 7.2013. What are the other ones calibrated until?


Hi Guys, Just sold it on ebay for $775.00.

I have another one for sale that is calibrated until 6-8-13. Make me a reasonable offer.

Sorry Ray, $600 is not enough when I’m pulling $750.00 + $25 shipping on ebay. Subtract the fees and it’s around $700 so I will take the first $700 offer here must mail a money order though.

No problem. Again, I was wondering if it came with any accessories?

I just spent $200 for calibration w/ shipping. If its just the 1028 by itself I can get it brand new for $875 and calibration is good for 1 year. So I figured $600 was reasonable. But if you have accessories then $700 may be an ok deal. Let me know.

Allen Pederson here, Pederson Plumbing & Htg. Nashua IA. I have a Sun Nuclear 1028 for sale. Moved from MN, to IA and left the battteries go dead, since moving back too busy get radon cert. redone. Willing to sell machine for reasonable price, figuring $450. Can call at 641-330-9142.

Email me if you still have a monitor to sell
Thank Mark

please call me about your sun nuclear’s even if they are sold